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Problem Mobile Application; Alarm do not show up

Mon Apr 21, 2014 8:44 am

I am running the Mobile app on a Samsung Tab3-7
Android Version 4.2.2.
Also tried to run the Mobile app by using the /m at the end of the URL on both Chrome and Explore on my Desktop computer.

The Mobile Plugin version is All my plugins have a green status.

When I toggle a SOS alarm when using the Mobile app on the Samsung or on my Desktop using Chrome or Explore with the /m option, the SOS alarm will not show up on the Vehicles window.

I can go back and forth between map, home and the alarm still does not show up. If I change the All/Device button from All to Device the alarms show up.

I also tried starting with the Device setting, same problem, until I change the setting from Device to All. If I close the web interface and log back in, it will then show the correct alarm state.

When I toggle the SOS alarm, the time the Device was seen last is updated, the the alarm still does not show up.

Thanks for your help

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