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Queclink with Garmin PND

Fri Apr 11, 2014 4:46 pm

Updated: How to connect devices to GpsGate, click here

This guide covers the setup of Queclink GV200 with a FMI enabled Garmin PND

For discussions and feedback see:

Enable support in Gpsgate Server:
1. Login to SiteAdmin
2. Click Plugins
3. Install "SensorLogic".

For full Chat and Dispatch support you need Chat and Dispatch from as well.

Enabling Garmin support for Queclink GV200 in GpsGate Server
1. Navigate to SiteAdmin -> Devices -> Types
2. Select "Queclink Generic Device" in the "Device Type" list
3. At the bottom under "Meta Fields" check/select "Enable Garmin"
4. Click Save

Use "Queclink Generic" as device type for you Queclink + Garmin devices in GpsGate Server.

Configure the device to connect to GpsGate Server
Use this guide to get the device connected to GpsGate Server:

Set the "Report Mode" to TCP Long-connection (mode 3) in the AT+GTQSS command to get a more responsive communication between GpsGate Server and the Garmin PND.

Enable the second serial port
The second serial port where the Garmin PND is connected is by default disabled and need to be configured so that the Queclink device can communicate with the Garmin PND.
To do so use the "_SetupSerialForGarmin" GpsGate command, which will send an AT+GTURT command with the correct parameter predefined.

The plain command has the following format:
AT+GTURT=<Password>,<Working Mode>,<Baudrate Index><,DataBits>,<Stop Bits>,<Pairity Bits>,<Sleep Enabled>,<Input ID For Wakeup>,<Digital Fuel Sensor Type>,<Reserved>,<Serial>$

And should look like this:

As soon as the Queclink device communicates with the Garmin PND and GpsGate Server the fleet functionality for the Garmin will automatically be enabled.

Tips and troubleshooting
To monitor data communication between tracker and server you can use the "Terminal". More info here:

Physical setup:
<font color="red">Please verify that the wiring below is valid for your device and cable.
We will not be responsible for any damage to the hardware.</font id="red">

The FMI cable consist of 3 wires for communication and two for power supply.

Com wiring:
FMI Yellow -> Queclink RXD2 Pin 9
FMI White -> Queclink TXD2 Pin 11
FMI Brown -> Queclink GND Pin 18

FMI Black/Red should be connected to suitable power source according to the cable specifications.


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