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ChangeLog: Device Manager

Wed Mar 28, 2012 7:10 pm

The device manager can be used to batch send template commands.
You can also view command status for an entire user tag.


Device Manager build 3219 Released: 2019-07-04
- Select the command user when selecting a command in the Device Manager.

Device Manager build 3138 Released: 2019-06-13
- Devices now listed properly.

Device Manager build 3078 Released: 2019-05-16
- Column sorting in Device Manager table works again.
- Drop down lists for Tags, Devices, and Commands are now alphabetically ordered.

Device Manager v5.0.0.2460 Released: 2018-11-15
- Uses service RPC commands for better performance and stability.

Device Manager v5.0.0.1087 Released: 2018-01-15
- Fixed case where one failing command could stop whole batch from being executed.

Device Manager v5.0.0.1016 Released: 2017-12-14
- 25k Ready!

2017-03-24 Device Manager v4.0.0.5204
* Fix: command list sometimes turned up empty.

2015-10-05 Device Manager v4.0.0.3326
* Fix updating UI when sending command

2014-02-05 Device Manager v4.0.0.419
* Much faster when handling hundreds of devices
* Window reside works.
* Sort on "Last Action" works better
* No longer sends commands to the recipients of the last command as well.

2012-04-12 Device Manager v3.0.0.3385
- Various bug fixes.

2012-03-28 Device Manager v3.0.0.3384
- Initial release.


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Re: ChangeLog: Device Manager

Thu Jul 04, 2019 12:41 pm

Device Manager build 3219 Released: 2019-07-04

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