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Com port not getting Enabled

Thu Jun 30, 2011 9:57 am


I have successfully used SerialNET.200.CF.dll on various WinCE based devices having virtual ports. Currently I am trying to load my same application on a new WinCE device in which the required virtual port is not getting enabled. The device gets hanged as soon as application tries to enable that port.

To give more details, this WinCE device is having GPS and GSM modules. 2 virtual ports for each module are provided. I am able to access both GPS ports however both GSM ports are not getting enabled. My supplier confirmed that the drivers used in the device for these 4 virtual ports are same.

My hardware supplier has provided me another serial port test program (ARM4VI_SM). In that, same port number with other settings, it is working fine. So what could be the issue with Franson tool?

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