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ChangeLog: Xexun

Wed Jun 29, 2011 12:12 am

Patches and bug fixes for Xexun Plugin

More info on how to connect Xexun trackers to GpsGate Server here.

Install upgrades under SiteAdmin -> Plugins.

Release history

Xexun v5.0.0.4155 Released: 2020-04-29
- added default mappings

Xexun v5.0.0.3175 Released: 2019-06-18
* Fixed installer.

Xexun v5.0.0.3172 Released: 2019-06-17
* added Charging for TK103 device

Xexun v5.0.0.2057 Released: 2018-08-27
* Improved handling of heart beat messages.

Xexun v4.0.0.5746 Released: 2017-08-09
* TCP pooling. Improved performance on larger systems.

Xexun v4.0.0.5532 Released: 2017-06-19
* Added BatteryVoltage signal to TK106 device

Xexun v4.0.0.5151 Released: 2017-03-06
* Support for "Time Zone" metafield in order to fix historical data TimeStamp

Xexun v4.0.0.4197 Released: 2016-06-06
* Door open works better for Coban TK103

Xexun v4.0.0.3907 Released: 2016-03-22
* Added SatelliteCount to Xexun Generic

Xexun Plugin v4.0.0.3875 Released: 2016-03-16
* Added Ignition, DoorOpen, FuelLevel, FuelLevel2, Temperature for TK103

Xexun Plugin v4.0.0.3711 Released: 2016-01-26
* Server keep alive response is now "ON" instead of "OK".

Xexun Plugin v4.0.0.3658 Released: 2015-12-30
* Message02 and Message03 added.

Xexun Plugin v4.0.0.3647 Released: 2015-12-22
* Support for ACCR as Ignition data.

Xexun Plugin v4.0.0.3262 Released: 2015-09-22
* SatelliteCount added to TK102-2

Xexun Plugin v4.0.0.3003 Released: 2015-07-12
* Heading working better for TK103

Xexun Plugin v4.0.0.2729 Released: 2015-04-24
* Added ExtraData inputs to Xexun Generic

Xexun Plugin v4.0.0.2512 Released: 2015-03-10
* Improved FuelLevel.

Xexun Plugin v4.0.0.2432 Released: 2015-02-19
* Added MsgData which can be used in Device Mapper Scripts.

Xexun Plugin v4.0.0.2070 Released: 2014-12-03
* FIX: Heading was sometimes zero.

Xexun Plugin v4.0.0.816 Released: 2014-04-02
* FuelLevel added to TK106

Xexun Plugin v4.0.0.334 Released: 2014-01-20
* FIX: Improved SMS parsing.

Xexun Plugin v3.1.0.5351 Released: 2013-10-27
* Fixed OilLevel for XT008

Xexun Plugin v3.1.0.5342 Released: 2013-10-25
* Added OilLevel to XT008

Xexun Plugin v3.1.0.4982 Released: 2013-08-05
* Improvements for XT008

Xexun Plugin v3.1.0.4978 Released: 2013-07-30
* Temperature added to XT008

Xexun Plugin v3.1.0.4959 Released: 2013-07-22
* Heading now works for Coban TR-102

Xexun Plugin v3.1.0.4954 Released: 2013-07-19
* Workaround for protocol errors.
* Ignition now works on some TK103 variants.

Xexun Plugin v3.1.0.4445 Released: 2013-03-25
* FIX: TK103 with long IMEI works better.

Xexun Plugin v3.1.0.3725 Released: 2012-10-03
* Handles TK106's many protocol bugs better.

Xexun Plugin v3.0.1.3565 Released: 2012-08-21
* Power signal added to TK106

Xexun Plugin v3.0.1.3562 Released: 2012-08-18
* Device type TK106 added.

Xexun Plugin v3.0.0.3437 Released: 2012-05-28
* Improved SMS parsing.

Xexun Plugin v3.0.0.3421 Released: 2012-05-16
* Works better with TK110

Xexun Plugin v3.0.0.3043 Released: 2011-09-12
* Works better with newer models.

Xexun Plugin v3.0.0.2956 Released: 2011-06-28
* Added Device Types XT107, XT008
* UDP support.


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Re: ChangeLog: Xexun

Wed Apr 29, 2020 3:44 pm

Xexun v5.0.0.4155 Released: 2020-04-29

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