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I get delayed GPS data on my Pocket PC!

Wed Oct 18, 2006 12:32 pm

I get delayed GPS data on my Pocket PC!

Many navigation applications on Pocket PC, like TomTom for example, are writtem to run alone on a device. GpsGate makes it possible to run more GPS applications at the same time, something that usually takes up more CPU power. This can have different effects like "delayed data" because the applications doesn't get the CPU to redraw correctly.

One way of addressing this is to use the filtering feature in GpsGate. By introducing a filter you can limit the data that reaches each application.

Follow those steps to create a filter:
1. Open the Settings dialog
2. Go to the Output tab
3. Remove your current Virtual Port
4. Add a "Virtual COM Port / NMEA Filter"
5. A dialog to select port is displayed. Select the same port you used before and click OK.
6. A filter dialog is now displayed.
7. Select "Block everything but..."
8. Select "$GPRMC" in the Filter drop down
9. Select 1 second in the Interval drop down
10. Click Save. You now got "$GPRMC(1s)" listed
11. Click OK.

Now you can connect your GPS applications to your new port.

If you still have problems, you can increase the interval to 2 or 3 seconds.

All applications won't work if they only get RMC data. In that case try to add $GPGSV and $GPGSA to the filter so satellite information is passed thorugh as well.

If different applications need different filters, you can create multiple "Virtual COM Port / NMEA Filter" outputs.

Note that on Pocket PC, in normal cases you only need to create one virtual port, and connect all your GPS applications to that port. On Windows you always need to create one virtual port per application.


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