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Use Windows Mobile Pocket PC as a USB GPS

Sun Sep 10, 2006 5:06 pm

GpsGate for Pocket PC & Windows 2.0.1 or later

How to use your Pocket PC with GPS as a USB GPS
(e.g. Ipaq hw6515 or hw6915 connected to your laptop PC)
(This also works for other Pocket PC models with built in GPS, or for a Pocket PC with a connected external GPS)

1. Introduction

Do you have a Pocket PC with built in GPS? And want to use it as a normal USB GPS connected to your laptop PC? In that case you found the right place. GpsGate can do this for you.

2. Download and install

GpsGate can be downloaded <a href="/gpsgate/download.asp">here[/url]. After downloading, simply run the EXE and follow the instructions step by step. You need to install the Pocket PC version on your Pocket PC, and the Windows version
on your Laptop PC

Make sure you have ActiveSync 4.0 or later installed on your laptop.

3. Running the Wizard on Pocket PC

Start GpsGate from the Programs menu on your Pocket PC.
The first time you run GpsGate on your Pocket PC, the GpsGate Wizard will start to help you setup the system.

NOTE! On devices with a 240*240 screen size you will need scroll the screen up and down to see all parts of the Wizard dialog.

Make sure you uncheck "Wireless Bluetooth GPS" and "Garmin GPS". And only have "Wired or built in GPS" selected.
This will speed up the Wizards search for the built in GPS. Now click next ">".

If you do not have a built in GPS, keep all options checked, and let the Wizard do a full search for your GPS.

The Wizard will start searching for the built in GPS. Depending on what device you have, the name of the port will differ.
Once the Wizard finds the GPS, a dialog similar to this one is shown. Click "Yes" to accept the detected GPS as input.

In this steps you select how the GPS should be shared. Since we want the device to appear as a USB GPS we select
"Share over ActiveSync". Also make sure "Share with NMEA Applications" is selected, this will allow any number of GPS applications
on the Pocket PC itself use the GPS too. Now click ">" next.

In this last step you see a summary of all Outputs the Wizard has created. Note the COM port number at the first line.
To this port you want to connect all GPS applications on your device. Any number of GPS applications can use this port at the same time.
The second line "ActiveSync" says that your Pocket PC will now act as a USB GPS when the Pocket PC is connected to a Laptop
and GpsGate for Windows is running on the Laptop.
Click "Finish" to complete the Wizard.

4. Running the Wizard on Laptop

Make sure you have connected your Pocket PC to the Laptop. And that you have installed ActiveSync 4.0 or later on your Laptop.
Ipaq hw6515 / hw6915 are typically connected to your PC using a cradle, if that is not what you want you can
buy a simple cable from HP that takes less space.

Now start GpsGate on your laptop. If this is the first time you run GpsGate a Wizard will be displayed.

Uncheck all alternatives expect "Search for GpsGate 2.0 Pocket PC through ActiveSync". Now click Next.

Click "Yes" when the Wizard finds your Pocket PC.

On the summary page you can see which Virtual ports GpsGate has created. You can connect your GPS applications
running on the laptop to those ports. One to each port. Now click "Finish" and you are done!

5. Manual setup

If you already have configured GpsGate and want to add sharing over ActiveSync afterwards, please follow those steps:

Pocket PC
1. Open the Settings dialog
2. Go to the Output tab
3. Add a "ActiveSync" PlugIn.

1. Open the Settings dialog
2. Change Input to "ActiveSync"

6. Keep your Pocket PC running

If you are using your Pocket PC as a USB GPS, you want it to stay on, and not automatically power off. By default
a Pocket PC will enter standby mode after a few minutes to save battery if you are not actively using it
and it is not running on external power.

Follow those steps to prevent your Pocket PC from turning off:
1. Select Settings in the Start menu
2. Go to the "System" tab
3. Click on the "Power" icon
4. Go to the "Advanced" tab
5. Under "On battry power". Make sure "Turn off device if not used for" is unchecked.
6. Click OK

Now your device won't turn off!

7. More...

GpsGate can also share a built in GPS over Bluetooth. This can be useful if you want to use the built in GPS on your laptop
and the laptop has no Bluetooth. Read mode

This guide was for Ipaq hw6x15, but in fact you can share a connected GPS over ActiveSync for any Pocket PC. For example: You can share a BT GPS connected to one Pocket PC to a laptop. You can also share a Garmin USB GPS connected to a laptop over ActiveSync to a connected Pocket PC. And so on...

8. TomTom

If you are running TomTom at the same time on hw6515, read this
Topic 3819

And TomTom + GpsGate on hw6915
Topic 4187

Required license: GpsGate Standard for Pocket PC + Windows

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