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GUIDE: How to use SimOne to test Event Rules

Thu Jan 19, 2012 5:51 pm

GUIDE: How to use SimOne to test Event Rules

Note: there is an up-to-date guide here.

When setting up new or learning how Event Rules work it can be very useful to have an "emulated" tracker which runs as a Windows application. Luckily SimOne is such an application! It emulates a "GpsGate TrackerOne" device.

Download SimOne

Download SimOne here:

Create a test application

Create a new test application in SiteAdmin dedicated for testing. IN this way you will not disturb any customer applications, and you can delete the test application once finished.

Add a user in VehicleTracker

Add a user + device as you normally do in VehicleTracker. Set the Device Type to "GpsGate TrackerOne". Here are the steps:

1. Login to VehicleTracker
2. Click "Add new User" (You find it in the upper right corner of the Vehicle List).
3. Select "Device" as User Type
3. Go to "Device 1" tab by clicking Next a couple of times.
4. Select "GpsGate TrackerOne" as device type.
5. Enter some IMEI number (to be used futher down).
6. Save.

Now it is time to get SimOne started!

1. Unzip the downloaded SimOne ZIP if you have not done that already.
2. Start "SimOne.exe"
3. Enter the address to your server.
5. Enter the IMEI you entered in step 4. above.

You can now enter a longitude + latitude and set signals. Click "Send to server" to send a new position report to the server. When you do you will see the user movin on the map.

The "Move and build" button is useful, it will use the speed and heading you have selected and move the position one step forward. You can set a time interval in seconds in the text box next to the button, this is the same as "update rate".

Map signals in the Device Mapper

1. Select Admin -> Device Mapper from the menu.
2. Click on "Edit" for "GpsGate TrackerOne".

Here you can map the signals as you would do from any tracker.

You can then use the mapped GpsGate variables in Event Rules as you would in the normal case using a normal tracker.


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RE: GUIDE: How to use SimOne to test Event Rules

Fri Oct 03, 2014 1:13 am

Has the process for creating the SimOne user changed? I don't have a Users option in my Admin window. I created a user with Add new User button in the Vehicles window, but with _Unit as a role it won't let me log in.

Thanks for any assistance.

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