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How to determine the installed version of GpsTools

Fri Sep 22, 2006 12:08 pm

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How to determine the installed version of GpsTools<br>

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1. Introduction
</font> This guide will show how you can yourself can determine what version of GpsTools you are using.<br>

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2. .NET (Desktop)</font>
The GpsTools DLLs that you use for .NET are called assemblies and are added at design-time in Visual Studio. The files are called GpsToolsNET.dll, GpsShapeNET.dll and GpsViewNET.dll (with a .200 extension for the .NET Framework 2.0 versions).<br>
In C# you add the assemblies by right-clicking on References and selecting Add reference. The version is shown if you right-click on the added reference and select Properties. At the bottom of the properties window the version number will be shown, i.e.<br>
In VB.NET it's a little different. You add the references in the same way, but if you want to determine the version you have to right-click the project icon and select Properties for the entire project. This opens up another window where you select References. There all references to your project will be displayed with their respective version.
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3. .NET (Pocket PC)</font>
For both C# and VB.NET the assembly version can be checked in the exactly same way as on Desktop (see above). The assemblies have the same names as on desktop with an extra .CF extension (and an addition .200 for .NET Compact Framework 2.0). <br>
When using GpsTools on a Pocket PC there is a core DLL (GpsLibCE.dll) that also need to have the correct version. You should never use another version of the core DLL than with the Visual Studio assemblies. Since this core DLL is not an assembly we have to venture outside of Visual Studio to determine the version. <br>
If you have installed GpsTools on the Pocket PC, it will have installed the file in the \Windows directory of the Pocket PC. You can also copy the latest file to the application directory to make certain that your application uses the correct version. There is no way to determine that you have the correct version while the file is on your Pocket PC. If you want to do this you have to copy the file to your desktop Windows. You can then determine the version the same way as with ActiveX (see below).<br>
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4. ActiveX (Windows)</font>
The ActiveX files for desktop Windows are installed in \Windows\System32 folder on Windows XP. The files are called GpsToolsXP230.dll, GpsShapeXP230.dll and GpsViewXP230.dll. If you right-click one of them and select Properties this will open up a new window. At the top of this window you'll find a Version tab. If you click on this one you'll find the version this DLL.<br>
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5. ActiveX (Pocket PC)</font>
The ActiveX files for Pocket PC are installed on your Pocket PC in the \Windows directory. The files are called GpsToolsCE230.dll, GpsShapeCE230.dll and GpsViewCE230.dll. These files' version can't be determined on the Pocket so you have to do the same as with GpsLibCE.dll (.NET for Pocket PC) and copy the file to Windows and then determine the version the same way as with ActiveX for Windows.

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Feedback to this guide is very welcome. Only by your input can we learn how to improve it.

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