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I do not have any free COM ports on my Pocket PC!

Sat Feb 19, 2005 6:22 pm

I do not have any free COM ports to be used as virtual ports?

NOTE! This is only for advanced users. This tool may corrupt your device in a way you need to make a hard reset and lose all your data.

For some Pocket PC devices all COM ports are allocated by the operating system leaving none to be used as a virtual port for SerialTools Pro (e.g. Qtek Smartphone). Using DeviceX you can remove a COM port from the system. Note that this tool is only for advanced users, and it might corrupt your Pocket PC in a way you need to perform a hard reset.

Follow these steps to use DeviceX:
1. Download ... atform=ppc
2. Unzip the file and copy DeviceX.exe to you device.
3. Run DeviceX.exe
4. Select a COM device to remove and tap "Remove"

If you are not using the IR port it is recommended you remove COM3. This will work in most cases. To restore the COM device, select it from the list of removed devices and tap "Activate". Note that it for some reason only is possible to remove and reactivate a COM device 3 times on some Pocket PC devices. Then a hard reset is required.

If you get the message "Device removed" after removal, everything is ok and you can configure the removed COM port as a virtual port in SerialTools (or GpsGate).

If you get an error message during removal but the COM device is removed from the list of active devices then this COM port will be free for SerialTools (or GpsGate) usage until the next soft reset.

If the Pocket PC freeze during removal, make a soft reset and do not try to remove that device again. Your Pocket PC will most likely work afterwards without a hard reset.


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