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Reporting Speed Limit / Speed Zone information in custom command back to tracking device

Thu Feb 07, 2019 3:51 pm

Hi Forum

Hoping on of the many forum members will be able to assist me

I currently have speed expression plugin activated on my account and i have been able to get it working to send custom commands back to my device each time it detects the vehicle is speeding. All working well

I now need to also be able to send another custom command to the device reporting what the current speed zone / speed limit is based on the latest location report sent to the server by the device. The device is sending a location report to the sever every 2-3 seconds.

Has anyone had any experience in creating this sort of functionality, naturally this speed limit / speed zone determination based on latest current location reported needs to be a totally independent process to the speed alerting notifications as the speed limit / zone notifications needs to occur regardless of whether speeding is or is not occurring.

I have tried following the steps in the guides however i have not been able to figure out how query the speed expression plugin to extract the speed limit / zone, nor have i understood how to tie the various elements together.

I would really appreciate any assistance on this i have been working on it for over 8 hrs and still no outcome.

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