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GpsGate TrackerOne Java library

Thu Dec 07, 2017 3:22 pm

A Java 1.7 implementation of a TrackerOne client

We have released the source code of a sample TrackerOne implementation written in Java. This library is compatible with Java 7 and higher to help get you started writing your own tracker implementations. Java will work on any platform that has an implemented Java Runtime Environment (JRE) letting you target potentially billions of deployed devices.

The library includes most necessary core functionality including as TCP networking, NMEA parsing ability, and some other optional functionality such as Garmin FMI parsing ability, an SMS command framework and some track filters to tidy up anomalous trackpoints.

Android Support

This Java source code was originally written to support Android as a platform so works with the majority of Android operating systems. It is tested to work with 4.2 and higher.

Note: There is no specific Android code in this library so it can be used to implement TrackerOne on any platform that can run a JRE.


For Android:
  • Include the GpsGate.Core folder as a Module in your Android project.
  • There is a build.gradle file intended for use when including as an Android mobile present in the GpsGate.Core folder.
For other platforms:
  • Create a com.gpsgate.core.Tracker object and pass it implementations of the dependency interfaces.
  • Use a configured with your own parameters to perform networking duties.
  • Use the classes in the com.gpsgate.core.filtering namespace to perform any filtering that you would like on your incoming track data.
  • Use the classes in the com.gpsgate.core.nmea namespace to perform parsing and conversion of NMEA formatted data.
  • Implement and use the interface if you would like to persist trackpoint data between sessions.
There is no developer documentation for this source code at this time. The code is released 'as is' to help developers get started with their own implementations and is not guaranteed to work on any specific platform.


If you do have issues, please contact for assistance.


You can download the source code here:
GpsGate Support

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