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Adding Data to ArcGIS Plug-In Positions

Tue Nov 21, 2017 7:02 pm

We are using the ArcGIS Plug-In very successfully to provide live vehicle feeds to our customers. It works well and the throughput speed is impressive. We are starting to get requests to combine the vehicle position data with other LiGO information that is not available in the records array that is returned when we query for GetLatestPositionsWithRecords, for example the vehicle Tag as a proxy for department name, or the current logged in driver name, instead of the IButton driver ID value. In other applications we are using the DirectoryService GetGateMessagesByTrackInfoId service to retrieve values when creating features to document work completed. The queries run fine when used in a process that runs once a day during times of low server load, but I have some concerns about server load when we try to update over 300 vehicles at two minute intervals in the middle of the work day. What is the most efficient way to get these values?

J. F. Florey

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