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GUIDE: How to deploy a script to many applications.

Mon Sep 18, 2017 10:23 pm

How to deploy a script, or any exported object, to many applications.

Event Rules, geofences, scripts and some other objects can be exported to an XML file and imported to another application.

An example of how this is done is described in this guide:

But this can be a bit time consuming of you want to deploy your script to many applications. To speed up the process there is a batch import function in SiteAdmin. Follow the steps below.

1. Export the script to an XML file.

The Export function can always be found in the upper right corner of a window. Click the arrow down and check if there is an Export option. For scripts you first open the App Builder from the Development menu. Then open the script you want to export, and finally access the Export function from the arrow down menu in the upper right corner.

Please note that you can add references to the script under 4. References when editing the script. Here you can for example add a reference to a User Tag, Command Tag, etc. that are used in the script. And by adding the reference the object will be included in the export.

More info on App Scripts here:

2. Create an Application Tag

Application tags can be create in SiteAdmin under the Application menu. They are handy when you manage applications in a batch. Login to SiteAdmin and create an Application Tag which includes all the Applications you want to import the script to.

3. Import the script

Under the Import menu in SiteAdmin you can import a XML template to Tag of Applications. Select Template in the drop-down. Browse to the script file you want to import. Select the Application tag to import to. And finally click Import.

When doing changes to the original script you can just repeat the same procedure (except step 2.) to upgrade the script in all applications.

Note that you can do a batch import with a exportable objects, like Event Rules and Geofences for example.

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