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Event Rule to Web Service

Sun Apr 09, 2017 8:16 am

Hi guys,

Wondering if I can get some help here.

I am trying to send HTTP post to a custom server (Azure Logic Apps). I have created an SOS 'Event Rule' and configured a 'notification' (in an attempt to send to http server). I've read through the forums that the idea is to:

- Send a GET to web service
- web service parses data and completed the post

Now I am not sure if I have this mixed up but I assumed I could configure the SOS event rule to send get to web service. Is this how this is supposed to work?

I have created the web service, and when i test it sends the POST perfectly to Azure.

Hoping someone can provide some direction here?

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Re: Event Rule to Web Service

Tue Apr 11, 2017 1:02 am

Ok so just an update (As I continue to work things out..)

I have configured the following:

- Event Rule to alert on SOS from SimOne
- Within that event rule I have configured a notification > custom server > HTTP notification
- The URL is that of my Web Service I have created in GPSGATE
- I've configured the Web service to give a plain text 'OK' on response which GPSGATE logs as successful.

So the event rule sends a HTTP GET to my webservice but what I need to do is store parts of the GET URL as variables, so I can do the HTTP Post with the relevant info.

Still trying to work this bit out, if anyone has anything that may help please feel free to share!!


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