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GUIDE: Camera FTP integration

Tue Jul 05, 2016 2:11 pm

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Now you can import pictures into Camera plugin using FTP protocol.


1) Go to SiteAdmin -> Plugins
2) Make sure the Camera plugin is installed.
3) Go to SiteAdmin -> Service -> Providers
4) Select CameraFtpProvider from "Add New Provider" drop-down list.
5) Fill the Name, Url, Username, and Password fields. (The Url should start with ftp:// prefix)
6) Click Save button
7) Click Start link for the provider you have set up.

File format

The provider periodically checks the FTP account and downloads pictures. The successfully downloaded pictures gets deleted from the FTP account.
The information about the picture must be encoded in the filename as shown below:
Example: 123456789012345-24052016-191215.00-4910.9588-N-12254.6560-W-IMAGE001.JPG
Note that a vehicle can't have two different pictures with the same timestamp.

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