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Creating a "very detailed" report

Fri Apr 29, 2016 6:40 pm

Dear Support,

I would like to create a "very detailed" FuelLevel report, by ALL the incoming device messages. I customized report BreadCrumb to achive the aimed subminute (30 sec now) report resolution. My report works fine, but i get only one (not two as i expected) record per minute .

I have changed the value of "Select when data should be written" from (Column value change,Monitor Column, SamplingEnd) to (Variable condition,[Speed]>=0) in my reports dataprovider, but no effect, got only one record per minute too. I have tried some other condition which should be true for every incoming record - for example: SamplingEnd>'2001-01-01' - without success.

I am sure about that my test_device sends messages in every 30 sec and GPSGateServer receives them properly because, i can see the updated values in Vehicle Tracker's Status Window.

I have checked the records in the table gpsgateserver.reportv3_data_store with MySQLWorkbench, and found only one record per minute the problem obviously originates from the dataprovider.

1. How should i modify my dataprovider to reach my goal: collect ALL the incoming device messages (application, device(user), date-time interval are given)?
2. Which MySQL table holds all the incoming device messages (probably in unparsed/raw/blob format)? How can i access them?

Best Regards,

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