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Chat and template commands

Sat Nov 15, 2014 7:59 pm

Hi GpsGate,

Terminal when receive chat message on latest chat plugin using template commands over TrackerOne.
[2014-11-15 17:44:18] ( Server: $FRRET,355179061464100,_ReceiveChatText*79[0x0D][0x0A]
[2014-11-15 17:44:18] ( Report: Invalid (0, 0) (null) (2014-11-15 16:44:17)(ChatMessage=I will be home )(BatteryLevel=39)(Parking=False)(OnDuty=False)(SOS=False)(Speed=0 x)(_MaintenanceDue=False x)
[2014-11-15 17:44:17] ( Client: $FRCMD,355179061464100,_ReceiveChatText,,I will be home *2F

Command is flagged ok on all 3 steps

When sending chat message on template command now require position data to fire a chat event rule and not report invalid on server side?

If yes then I think this post should be updated.

Regards Johan

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