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GUIDE: Job Dispatch using cell phone or email.

Posted: Tue Jun 19, 2012 6:26 pm
by johan
GUIDE: Job Dispatch using cell phone or email

(For chat install the "Chat" plugin, no extra configuration is necessary to use a cell phone for chat.)

Install updates

Make sure all plugins are up to date. All listed as "green" under SiteAdmin -> Plugins.

Create Template Commands

1. Go to SiteAdmin -> Devices
2. Select "Plain" as protocol.
3. Select "New..." in Commands drop down.
4. Write a name e.g. "MyJob"
5. Write a Template e.g. "[Text] [Location]"
6. Set "sms" as first attempt and "No second attempt " as second attempt.
7. Click "Save"
8. Check "Alias". Select "_SendStop" in alias drop down.
9. Select the Device Types (e.g. "Cell Phone" or "Email Device") for which this command should be available.
10. Click "Save Command"

The following variables are available in addition to the standard variables.



Now simply test chat in VehicleTracker, and you should have the commands going back and forth.

The "Terminal" is as always an Independence tool when making integration work:


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