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Trim Custom Distance Report with Trip Categories

Mon Mar 26, 2012 5:04 am

Dear Support,

I have followed GUIDE: Custom distance report with trip categories That report distance based on Trip Categories by CustomAnalog1 value.

Following this guide, I got report that create row in every 'idle' and 'run' trip changes condition, what I really need only distance from start to stop for specific Trip Category. Like: Start_time, End_time, duration, distance. (for each Trip category have total_distance).

1. How to trim this so that this report not creating too many rows (changes of 'idle' and 'run' trip condition, I need only a total distance of a Trip category) ?

2. Since start and stop site for a Trip Categories already marked with POI or Geofence, how to change the Data Provider (or maybe Report Query?) to use only POI (or Geofence) instead of general address for start and stop adddress.

Thank for your help.


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