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GpsGate + Jeppesen FliteDeck 3

Thu Dec 16, 2004 1:09 pm

GpsGate + Jeppesen FliteDeck 3

If FliteDeck3 does not recognize the ports created by GPSGate, it is possible to modify the INI file the program uses.
The file is c:\windows\flitedeck3.ini.
There is a section [GPS Setup] that contains a setting for the default port. The baud rate of -1 indicates a default setting. To manually set the baud rate, type in 4800 or 9600, whichever is accurate for your output.
It should read something like this:

[GPS Setup]
Last GPS Mfg=Garmin
Last GPS Model=GPS 48 NMEA 0183
Def Port=2

NOTE: If you enter the FliteDeck3 setup again after changing this, it will reset the GPS configuration. You will need to edit the file again.


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