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The license key does not work!

Mon Nov 15, 2004 12:24 pm

The license key does not work!

If you have problems entering the license code, please check out all three options below!

1. The GpsGate Express license requires GpsGate 1.10 (or later). An Express license key will not work on earlier versions of GpsGate.

2. For Windows please make sure you cut and paste the license key, do not re-type it. More info for Windows here: ... form=winxp

3. A common error users do when entering the license key on Pocket PC is to mix up
"1" (one) with
"l" (the letter l as in language) and
"I" (the letter I as in Independent).

and to mix up
"O" as in "Oscar" with
"0" "zero"

When entering the license code, please be very careful to not mix up those letters!!

More info on Pocket PC here: ... atform=ppc


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