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Virus Alert when installing GpsGate.

Tue Aug 10, 2004 1:43 pm

Why do I get a Virus Alert when installing GpsGate for Windows?

GpsGate 1.10 + Pest Patrol v4

PestPatrol v4 warns for WinWhatWhere when Gpsgate is installed. This is a false alaram (bug in PestPatrol). PLease upgrade to PestPatrol v5 (or later) to resolve this problem.

Norton + GpsGate 1.03

The installation program needs VB-script to be enable to complete the installation. If you got an anti-virus program (e.g. Norton) installed it has probably disabled the VB-script engine. To allow the GpsGate installation to run you need to enable VB-script temporarily.

(GpsGate 1.10 beta11 and later do not use VB-script during installation, and therefor hasn't got this potential problem.)


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