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Connect to a Bluetooth GPS on WM 2005

Mon Feb 13, 2006 6:51 pm

Connect to a Bluetooth GPS on WM 2005 (which uses a Microsoft Bluetooth stack)

This is much easier if you use GpsGate 2.0.1 and later

This guide is for WM 2005 devices with the Microsoft Bluetooth stack. This includes Dell for example, but iPaq uses WidComm.

First make a partnership to the GPS
-> Open the Bluetooth manager
-> Click on the Devices tab
-> Make sure your Bluetooth GPS is turned on.
-> Click on "New Partnership"
-> Select the BT GPS from the list of devices
-> Click Next.
-> If the device request for a PIN code, try "0000" or "0183" or simply click next. You might need to retry a couple of times. If you still do not succeed, check with the GPS company.
-> Select "Serial Port"
-> Click "Finish"

Create Outgoing Port
-> Click on the "COM Ports" tab
-> Select "New outgoing port"
-> Select the GPS which find in the list now displyed
-> Click "Next"
-> Uncheck "Secure Connection"
-> Select e.g. "COM7" in the drop down (or whatever is available)
-> Click Finish

Settings in GpsGate
-> Start GpsGate
-> Select "Settings" from the tray menu
-> Write in the COM port (e.g. COM7) name manually under "Input". If the field is greyed out, click "Close" first.

-> If you still haven't created a virtual port as Output. Select a port in the drop down under "Add virtual port". E.g. COM8 (or whichever is available)
-> Click "Add virtual port"

-> Now click "Open"

Exit GpsGate from the tray menu to make sure all settings are saved.

When you restart GpsGate you can connect any number of GPS applications to the port you choose for output (in this case COM8)

-> Click "Open"


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