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GpsGate and Qtek 2020

Fri Aug 06, 2004 12:43 am

How do I get GpsGate to work with Qtek 2020 Smartphone?

Qtek Smartphone has two problems with GpsGate 1.03. First if you use a Bluetooth GPS and the GPS is turned off or gets out of reach then GpsGate freeze. Secondly all COM ports, except COM0: are already allocated by the operating system leaving none to be used as virtual serial port for GpsGate. (Unfortunately very few GPS applications support COM0)

In GpsGate 1.10 those two issues are resolved. Follow these steps:

1. Download and install v1.10 (beta). Download instructions here: ... atform=ppc
2. Make a bond between the Bluetooth GPS and Qtek Smartphone (if Bluetooth GPS used).
3. Use DeviceX.exe to remove a COMx: device to be used as GpsGate virtual port (e.g. COM3). Instructions here:
4. Start GpsGate
5. Set COM5: (if Bluetooth GPS is used) as input.
6. Set "Retry connection" to "On Error"
7. Tap on "Open"
8. Add the COM port removed in step 3 as virtual port (e.g. COM3).

GpsGate is now configured and you can connect any number of GPS applications to COM3 (if that was the selected virtual port).

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