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Reconnect to BT GPS on Toshiba Pocket PC.

Fri Aug 06, 2004 12:35 am

Why does not GpsGate reconnect to my BT GPS on Toshiba Pocket PC?
(Tested on Toshiba e800)

When the Bluetooth GPS is turned off or gets out of reach, you need to go to the GpsGate Settings menu to close and then re-open the com port. In v1.10 this is fixed.

To enable reconnection for Bluetooth GPS receivers on Toshiba follow these steps
1. Download and install v1.10 (beta). Download instructions: ... atform=ppc
2. Follow the steps here to set up the Bluetooth connection to the GPS:
3. Also make sure you set "Retry connection" to "On timeout" in the GpsGate "Settings" menu.

Now GpsGate will always reconnect to the GPS even when it is turned off and on, gets out of reach or if the Toshiba is turned off and on. Please allow 30-60 seconds for the reconnection to be completed. All GPS applications connected to GpsGate can continue running without any interference.

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