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Icons random re-size and rotation

Wed Oct 15, 2008 4:22 am


Wondering if anyone has ssen this / can advise as to where to look for a solution...

Various icons in my app (V2.3.1) appear to re-size periodically (always larger) and then revery to their 'normal' size. When they do get bigger they also rotate to 000' (North up). When the 'normal' size icon is redisplayed (updates occur once per second) the rotation is also corrected...

I've tried all sorts to try and locate the issue but have failed. I have some 8 - 15 icons on the map. Usually, after some 60 seconds or so, all quietens down and the 'issue' doesn't normally occur again for the duration of the session...

I have logged the lat / lon, rotation and size variables to a disk file immediately before they are applied to the icon objects and, upon checking them, they all appear to be fine / expected values...

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Many thanks.


...and there it was... gone !

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