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How to use GpsShapeXP.Filemode.FILE_READ

Tue Nov 27, 2012 2:14 am

Sure hoping someone can help with this.

I'm using the ActiveX version of XPTools 2.30 in Delphi. I'm trying to create and open a shapefile as follows:

sf := CreateOLEObject('GpsShapeXP.ShapeFile');
sf.Open(OpenDialog1.Filename, GpsShapeXP.Filemode.FILE_READ);

The Filemode parameter of course does not work when used this way (in Delphi) and am wondering if anyone knows what the enumerated contstants are for Filemode.FILE_READ?

I sure could use a copy of the ShapeFileViewer source code if anyone has it as well. Seems to have been taken down from the web-site.



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