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Custom Grid - Albers

Tue Jun 29, 2010 8:09 pm

I'm atempting to convert a coordinate from BC Albers projection into Geographic (wgs84)

I've tried creating a custom grid. Using the following parameters. The parameters are definitly correct (researched them from multiple sources). However, the resulting coordinates are about 1300 metres south of where they should be. I have succesfully transformed using custom grids before but only using the Transverse Mercator algorithm
Is there an algorithm that is supposed to be set for the Albers projection? I don't see an applicable one listed for Albers.

Here's my code for defining the grid...

Dim BCAlbers As GpsToolsNET.CustomGrid = New GpsToolsNET.CustomGrid

BCAlbers.Datum = GpsToolsNET.Datum.NAD_83
BCAlbers.FalseEasting = 1000000
BCAlbers.FalseNorthing = 0
BCAlbers.LongitudeOfOrigin = -126
BCAlbers.LatitudeOfOrigin = 45
BCAlbers.LatitudeSP1 = 50
BCAlbers.LatitudeSP2 = 58.5


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