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Bug GpsViewNET. I need a HELP Please ...

Fri Nov 06, 2009 5:02 pm

I'm going crazy with this bug and no one answered...
I have a maplib with 2625x1706 and a map control with 240x172 running in windows mobile 5.0 and i don't get make a zoom extend, it simply does nothing. In desktop the same example works perfectly. Why ?

GpsViewNET.MapData md = map1.ActiveMapData("_active");

GpsViewNET.Point tam = md.Size;
//map1.Zoom = 1;

GpsToolsNET.Position p = map1.Position;
map1.ZoomByBoundingBox(new GpsViewNET.Point(0,0),tam);
double z = map1.Zoom;

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