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WGS84 to PSAD56

Sun May 24, 2009 8:39 am

I have a GPS position of 08 30.552N 062 32.405W and I believe no corrections were set in the GPS unit. I need to plot that on a chart made in the Universal Mercator Projection on La Canoa horizontal datum and PSAD56 ellipsoid. The chart graticule is in latitude and longitude.

I entered the GPS position in the left side of CoordTrans 2.3, set on WGS84 datum. I set the right side datum to Provisional South American 1956 for Venezuela and then did the conversion. That gave me position 8 30 44.536 N 62 32 18.35 W. My problem is that when I plot that on the chart, the position is not where I expected it to be because of other known facts.

My questions are, am I doing the right conversion and can I plot the result directly onto that chart?


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