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Importing coords from a csv RE southern lats

Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:41 am

I am trying to convert Lats and longs from a CSV from DMS to decimal degrees. The conversion is successful, however, I am using cords from the southern hemisphere. On the main Coord trans page there is an option to choose the first datum and lats n longs and then Deg Min Secs and if in the southern hemisphere I am choosing South as the drop down option for my latitude. When converting this point to Decimal degrees it shows the latitude as a negative, which is perfect. But if I try to import a CSV file that has been created indicating that the latitude is in the south, with an S for example - in my CSV, those figures are positive. Is there any way in the import process to inform the software that the latitudes are coming from the southern hemisphere, or do I have to manually convert the positive lats to negative in my csv before I import it to be converted. Thanks.

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