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Batch covert and where to set the XY parameter

Wed Jan 16, 2013 5:10 pm

Hi, Im evaluating this program - My need is to batch convert a file with stops for use in a bustrafic-system.

Values to convert is in position 54 to 63(X) and 64 to 73(Y) position as shown under her
(this is just some lines from the text file and the positions for X and Y coordinat will always be in this position):

123404120705Moelv (gml bomstasjon) MOELV471 <font color="red">0010694516</font id="red"><font color="blue">0060921616</font id="blue">00471000000000
123405010104Bø (Lillehammer) BØ_LI5258 <font color="red">0010440229</font id="red"><font color="blue">0061035744</font id="blue">05258000000000
123405010106Rinnvoll N. RINNV5652 0010237530006112401205652000001000
123405010108Saksum SAKSU5651 0010292641006111452305651000000000

Wizard Convert from file:
Could not find any "position option" in THE FIELD SEPARATOR but I ask you sincerly to ad position to the batch function to solve this? (Maybe use 4 input boxes with start and stop longitude and start and stop latitude.) In that case I will run and by this program ASAP [:)]

1 February : Please give me a reply!


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