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Adindan (Clarke 1880) to WGS84 Conversion

Fri Jul 29, 2011 10:51 am

I have sets of easting and northing co-ordinates listed as being "Adindan (Clarke 1880) Zone 30" for a property in Burkina Faso. I need to convert them to WGS84 Zone 30.

I am using Franson CoordTrans v2.3 to try to do this but am coming up short....

For Burkina Faso, I am unable to make an Adindan grid selection (eastings/northings)- I can only get Adindan in lat/long.

I note that there is a Adindan grid selection possible for Sudan and Ethopia - but these only apply to zones 37 & 38.

Any ideas ?

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