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Batch Conversion

Thu Feb 24, 2011 5:03 pm

Hello I have just purchased Coordtans Pro V2.3. The reason to purchase software was to be able to do batch conversion, Sadly I am not having any luck in doing this. I am trying to use the CSV file conversion feature and want to convert data from Lat Long DMS to Lat Long Decimal D. I have created a CSV file with the following data in EXCEL for a test and saved as CSV. There are 2 columns with the following data in column A and B at row 1
Datum used is GDA94
22.04.42 117.25.31
When following through with the conversion wizard I choose “,” at Input File Separator, Lat /Long at input file type, Format DMS . DOT, Input File Positive Values I choose W/S as we are in Western Australia, Field names not ticked, at section “input file selected field names” I Choose Field 1 and Field 2 for Lat/Long, data shows correctly but in lower left of screen I get "Invalid Format" appearing in red text can you please advise where I am going wrong with this. I have tried replacing “.” With “,” with no success, I have opened the file in a text editor and saved as text with same result, I can get UTM coordinates to convert but have no success with Lat/Long to Decimal Lat/Long
No doubt I am doing something wrong, but cannot think of anything else to try, please can someone help.

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