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Projections ?!

Wed Aug 04, 2010 6:11 pm

I'm relatively new to the mapping/geospatial technology ... so this may be a bit off the mark...

I have a data set that is projected as follows:
Map_Projection_Name: Albers Conical Equal Area
Standard_Parallel: 29.500000
Standard_Parallel: 45.500000
Longitude_of_Central_Meridian: -96.000000
Latitude_of_Projection_Origin: 23.000000
False_Easting: 0.000000
False_Northing: 0.000000
Planar_Coordinate_Encoding_Method: coordinate pair
Abscissa_Resolution: 0.000000
Ordinate_Resolution: 0.000000
Planar_Distance_Units: meters
Horizontal_Datum_Name: North American Datum of 1983
Ellipsoid_Name: Geodetic Reference System 80
Semi-major_Axis: 6378137.000000
Denominator_of_Flattening_Ratio: 298.257222

I'm struggling to understand how I can use CoordTrans to convert it to lat/long (to feed into a geography coord in Sql 2008)..

Can you point me to how to use the tool for that purpose?

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