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Support for TextMagic

Tue Sep 04, 2018 3:57 pm

Note: for an updated version of this and other articles, we recommend you to check our knowledge base here

TextMagic - two way

This plugin can enable SMS for GpsGate Server by using TextMagic sms service. More info about TextMagic here -

Follow these steps to install :
1. Login to SiteAdmin
2. Go to Plugins
3. Click on "Get More Plugins". Install TextMagic Plugin.

Configure GpsGate Server
1. Login to SiteAdmin
2. Go to "Settings -> SMS"
3. Select "TextMagicProvider" in drop down.
4. "Name", can be anything.
5. "Url" should be like this: - is the server name you get for your SMS service.
username - one of the users registered in your TextMagic.
pwd - the password of that user.
unicode - set it to 1 if the message contains Unicode characters; otherwise you should set it to 0

6. Click Save

Now SMS is enabled on your server!

If you want 2-way SMS continue with those steps:

10. Click on Edit again on the TextMagic provider you just added.
11. In the field "Listener URL" you find the URL you should enter into your TextMagic account.

12. Login to your TextMagic account.
13. Go to "Manage Phone Numbers". Click on your TextMagic phone number.
14. Enter the "Listener URL" found in Step 10. into "Request URL"
15. Save.

Now your server is enabled for incoming SMS too!

You can use the "Send Test SMS" feature under "Settings" in SiteAdmin.

All sent and received SMS can be monitored in the Terminal. You can also send SMS directly from the Terminal. More info:

Check "ErrorLog" for errors. More info under "LogFile" plugin:

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