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Hytera AVL Server

Fri Jun 09, 2017 12:41 pm

Updated: How to connect devices to GpsGate, click here

Integration with Hytera AVL Server


1. You need to have an AVL server and a GpsGate server installed.
2. In the AVL server, create a user for GpsGate (Check Hytera documentations for more details)
3. Configure the AVL server so it forwards data to subscribers (Check Hytera documentations for more details)


1. Login to SIteAdmin and go to "Plugins"
2. Click on the "Get More Plugins" tab and Install the "Hytera" plugin.

You need to setup a connection to the Hytera AVL Server:
1. In SiteAdmin, go to "Service > Hytera"
2. Enter the Hytera AVL credentials, Save and Test the connection

Now you have a working setup.

Timezone Settings:
If your Hytera AVL Server uses local-time in communications, you need to specify its timezone name in GpsGate Server. GpsGate Server uses this setting to convert reported times from Hytera AVL Server local time to the timezone you use in your GpsGate Server application. To configure this setting follow these steps:
1. In SiteAdmin, go to "Devices > Types"
2. Choose "Hytera AVL" from "Device Type" combo box
3. Under "Meta Fields", write your Hytera AVL Server timezone name as the value of "TimeZone" (you can find the names of supported timezones in this link:

Please note that you should use Time zone name from the link and not "TimeZone ID" or "Display string".
For instance, if your Hytera AVL server uses Stockholm local time, the timezone setting value in GpsGate Server should be set to "W. Europe Standard Time".

Please also note that the default value for this setting is "UTC".


1. Login to your Application
2. Click on "Add new User"
3. Select User Type "Device"
4. Add information in the Details section
5. Select the "Hytera AVL" Device type
6. Use the radio ID as IMEI
7. Save your User
8. Check if the device is green on the map and GpsGate receives data from AVL server

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