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Index - All supported GPS Trackers

Tue Feb 16, 2010 8:46 pm

Which GPS trackers are supported and how to connect them

GpsGate Client for Windows (Laptops)

Android phones and tablets

Teltonika FM1100, FM2100, FM2200, FM3200, FM3300, FM4100, FM4200, GH1201, GH1202, GH3000, AT1000

Meiligao / Meitrack VT310, VT300, MVT340, MVT380, MVT600, GT30, GT30X, GT60, MT80, MT90

ATrack AT1, AT3, AT5, AU5, AY5, AX5, AX7, AU7 and AK7

IntelliTrac A1, A1 Lite, A3, P1 and CAREU U1, CAREU U1 Lite, CAREU USmart, CAREU UGo, CAREU UCAN

IntelliTrac X1/Pro/Plus/X8

Wireless broadband router supporting TAIP and NMEA. E.g. Cradlepoint, Motorola, Cisco etc.

Garmin Fleet 590

ArkNav / Starsnav Rover9, R9, R10, PT33, PT35, RX-8, AT-01, AT-04

TZone TZ-AVL02, TZ-AVL03, TZ-AVL05, TZ-AVL08, TZ-AVL09, TZ-AVL10, TZ-GT08, TZ-GT09, TZ-VN06

Sanav GS-818, MU201, CT-24, CT-58, GC-101, GX-101, MT-101, QG-201, MU-201

Xexun XT107, XT008, TK102, TK102-2, TK101, TK103, TK201 and TK202

DCT Antares SB, Syrus, e-track
Pegasus Gateway

Nokia phones using Aspicore GSM Tracker

Blackberry using third party software

WebTech WT5000

Sierra Wireless
AirLink GX440
AirLink MP70


FlexTracks Lommy Personal, Pro, Pro II, Safe

Holux Tracker007 and Tracker005

Laipac S911 and StarFinder AVL

Enfora GSM2208, GSM2218 and GSM2338

TeamSharp MT100, PT600

How to connect GpsGate Server to ORBCOMM

GlobalSat TR-203, TR-600, GTR-128, GTR-129

GlobalSat TR-151 and TR-102

VisionTek 84VT and 86VT

BlueTree / SixNet

TAIP protocol, Trimble


Cypress Chameleon CTM-15X, CTM-200

Oskando CK3500

Cybergraphy GlobalTrack G200X

Suntech ST200, ST210, ST215, ST300, ST340

Uselink UTek UGN6080

Gotop LT-201, TV680, VT108, VT109

Joint Technology GP5000, JT600

TrendTek TK1000

Viczone T300C, T80
Chainway CW-801, CW-701

MUXy (CAN bus support for IntelliTrac X1/X8)

SensorLogic / QuecLink / Poputek GL100, GL200, GL500, GT200, GT300, GT500, GV200, GV300, GV500, GV500W, GT300, GV55 and GV55LITE

Superguard VT-02, VT-05

ExtremTrac / Yuwei ET700C, Mini ET700, ET9000, MC300, WT10

Globalstar / Axonn SmartONE, SPOT, AxTracker, MMT


WondeProud VT200, WondeX VT10, WondeX M7

SRT 306, SRT 299 and SRT 278

PlugSec TK100


iTrack Gold, iTrac AL900, Autoleaders AL-900E

Key7 EPS2

Lantrix T2000, T1000, Orbisat 100

Stellar DS300

U-Drive UDT910, UDTMT02
This driver also works for TL201, TLT-2H, Gator PT200 and "HP503 GPS Watch".


Trax S4, Trax S6

Orion EasyTrac, OBDTrac, SpeedTrac

GoSafe G797, G606, G616, G626, G71, G737, G78, G828, G91S, G92, G959, V90

Wireless Links Piccolo ATX, STX, Plus

Starcom Helios


Cothinking / Concox GT02, GT06, CRX1, GK301, GS503, GT03, GT05, GT100

CalAmp LMU700, LMU710, LMU800, LMU900, LMU910, LMU1110, LMU1150, LMU1200, LMU1210, TTU1210, LMU2600, LMU2610, LMU3000, LMU4200, LMU4250, LMU5000, TTU710

Falcom Bolero-LT2, Fox-EN, Fox-IN, DISCO, SteppIII, Mambo2, ROCK

ErcoGener Genloc31e, Genloc53e, GenTrack 35e

Pointer / Cellocator Cello-F, Cello-R, CelloTrack, 370-50, Compact CAN, Compact Fleet, Compact Security

Haicom HI-602X

Bofan PT600, PT502, PT500, PT60, PT300X, PT30

ERM STaRLink, ZEE, eBike

Robustel iGT06

Megastek MT90,GT89,GT69/GT99,GVT369,GVT390,GVT500,GMT368


SkyWave Device Cloud
SkyWave IDP

Xirgo XT4500, XT-4560-G, XT-2000-G



Navizot (ZeroOne)

NMEA data from Router with Static IP.

If you don't find support for your tracker, you can try "SmartPipe". More info here


Support for Aplicom A1, A9

Support for BOX-tracker

Support for Continental RVS

Support for Equiptank

Support for MoralWin

Support for Noran

Support for SkyTrack JB 101

Support for SmartPro 5

Support for Telic Picotrack

Support for APRS

Support for Amigo

Support for Omatics

Support for Kingneed

Support for VNET

Support for Sendum PT300

Support for RITI SLS-00886

Support for Intergraph

Support for MaxTrack

Support for NetModule

Support for Amwell

Support for ILC

Support for ILC

Support for TopLovo TL-202, TL007, TL201 (Personal), TopLovo TL-301 (pet), TopLovo TL-108, TL-208, TL-109 (Vehicle), TopLovo TL-06 (Motorcycle), TopLovo TLBC-01 (Asset)

Support for Ruptela

Support for Sinocastel 212G, 212B

Support for Oner CT04-X

Support for NAL 9602-GSM

Support for Polytrace

Support for GoPass AVL-901

Support for Kenwood

Support for VJoy

Support for GAM

Support for InspireTech

Support for GalileoSky

Support for Ulbotech

Support for Virloc

Support for Wlink Router

Support for JIMI

Support for Level Systems

Support for MultiSpeak

If you are missing a tracker please contact us, and we will consider creating a new driver. Contact us here:

Track Filters Change Track Filters. Use different track filters for city vehicles, and long distance vehicles.

Odometer setup

Trip Definition Set any input from the device (e.g. Ignition) or a Device Mapper Script to define what is a trip and what is idle.

Discover unregistered devices Check if any unknown (not registered) device is connecting to your server:

For developers For device integration, start by taking a look at "GpsGate TrackerOne reference design" here:

Three ways to integrate an unsupported tracker:


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RE: Index - All supported GPS Trackers

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