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SensorLogic, QuecLink GL100, GL200, GL500, GT300

Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2009 3:11 pm
by johan
Support for QuecLink (SensorLogic) GL100, GL200, GL300, GL500, GT200, GT300, GT500, GV200, GV300, GV500, GV500W, GT300, GV55 and GV55LITE

How to install for GpsGate Server

1. Login to SiteAdmin
2. Go to Plugins. Click on "Get More Plugins"
3. Install "SensorLogic".

4. Skip for hosted server. Open port 13513 for TCP/IP and UDP in your firewall, and direct the traffic to the server you installed GpsGate Server on.

Verify the firewall is setup and the plugin is installed correctly.

1. Login to SiteAdmin
2. Go to Devices
3. Click on "Test" for the listener you want to verify.

How to add a vehicle and how to add a device to a vehicle.

1. Login to your VehicleTracker application

2. Click "Add new User"
3. Select "Device" in "User Type" drop down. Click Next.
3. Enter a "username" and a "Name", which is the name displayed on the map and in list. Click "Next".
4. Click Next for Roles.
5. Click Next for Tags.
6. Select Device Type to "SensorLogic ...".
7. Fill in the IMEI of the tracker.
8. Click Save.

For GL300, if SMS is enabled, you can use these template commands:
Configure your device to send data to your servers public IP port 13513. You find the public IP in SiteAdmin under Devices.

Setup Eco Report

Setup Garmin FMI



If you have your own server, please read this for trouble shooting:

To monitor data communication between tracker and server you can use the "Terminal". More info here:

If you can see data coming in from the GPS tracker in the Terminal, but you still don't get a position on the map, you can send the output from the Terminal to use together with information about your GPS tracker and we will take a look at it. Send it to "support at gpsgate . com"

Device management
Use Template Commands to manage your trackers remotely:



Franson Support

RE: SensorLogic, QuecLink GL100, GL200, GL500, GT300

Posted: Sun Feb 23, 2014 4:49 pm
by johan
Time Zone

The best option is that you set your devices to use UTC+0


You can set the Time Zone used by the device.

1. Make sure all your devices are up to date under SiteAdmin -> Plugins.

2. Go to Devices (top menu in SiteAdmin)
3. Go to Types (left menu)
4. Select the Device Type you want to change the "Time Zone" for.
5. Scroll down and set "Time Zone" (e.g. -6 for EST)
6. Save.


GpsGate Support

RE: SensorLogic, QuecLink GL100, GL200, GL500, GT300

Posted: Sun Feb 23, 2014 4:51 pm
by johan
Queclink GL200 sample setup

You can send the following commands to your Queclink device to get it online.

Replace the APN information below with the information that applies to your telecom operator.
Replace the IP address with the address of your GpsGate Server installation.

Combined command to setup both the APN and Server information (maximum 160 characters!)
AT+GTQSS=<Device Password>,<APN>,<APN Username>,<APN Password>,<Report mode>,,<Buffer Enable>,<Server1 IP>,<Server1 Port>,<Server2 IP>,<Server2 Port>,<SMS Gateway>,<Heartbeat>,<SACK>,,,<Serial>$

Note: You should enter your GpsGate Server IP address for both Server1 and Server2.


Separate command to setup APN information
AT+GTBSI=<Device Password>,<APN>,<APN Username>,<APN Password>,,,,,<Serial>$


Separate command to setup Server IP information
AT+GTSRI=<Device Password>,<Report mode>,,<Buffer Enable>,<Server1 IP>,<Server1 Port>,<Server2 IP>,<Server2 Port>,<SMS Gateway>,<Heartbeat>,<SACK>,,,,,<Serial>$


Command to setup 30 second tracking
AT+GTFRI=<Device Password>,>Mode>,<Discard no fix>,,,<Begin time>,<End time>,<check interval1>,<send interval1>,<check interval2>,<send interval2>,<Report mask>,<Distance>,<Mileage>,<Movement>,<MSpeed>,<MDistance>,<MReports>,<Angle>,,<Serial>$


Note: More advanced tracking schedules can be setup based on both traveled distance and direction change.


GpsGate Support

Re: RE: SensorLogic, QuecLink GL100, GL200, GL500, GT300

Posted: Sun Oct 01, 2017 10:51 am
by johan
Change the timeout for invalid messages

By default positions are more than 60 seconds old will be marked as invalid in GpsGate.

There are 2 ways of fixing this issue:

* Configure the device to only send up fresh positions. That is it should sample a new GPS position before it sends up the message.


* Change "Invalid Timeout" for the Device Type. This is a Meta Field you set under SiteAdmin -> Devices -> Types. Set it to for example 300, which is 5 minutes.