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ChangeLog: Fleet app

Posted: Thu Sep 19, 2019 12:17 pm
by johan
More info:

Fleet app v1.3.2 Released: 2020-02-03

Release notes:
- New: Vehicle list. See all your vehicles, or filter them by tag, status and/or specific signals/variables.
- New: Map settings. Change map type. Toggle clustering.
- New: Navigate to vehicle.
- New: Show user attributes on the user overview screen.

Fleet app v1.2.0 Released: 2019-10-29

Release notes:
- New: Display events within trips.
- Changed: Share location is now using the Publish plugin.
- Fixed: Track replay show speed correctly.
- Fixed: Track replay show long addresses correctly.
- Fixed: Sort applications and views alphabetically.
- Fixed: User status names can be localized.
- Plus other various improvements.

Fleet app v1.1.0 (29) Released: 2019-09-19

- New: Track replay.
- New: Event arguments.
- Added: Send commands to your vehicles/users.
- Added: Localize the app using GpsGate Localization.
- Only ask for a comment when closing an event when the event rule has enabled comments.
- Swipe to close event.
- Easier/faster to clear server input on the welcome screen.
- Fixed command list styling: Added margin between command name/description and Send button.
- Store downloaded phrasebooks and use them on the Connect and Login screens after logging out.

Re: ChangeLog: Fleet app

Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2020 4:31 pm
by johan
Fleet app v1.3.2 Released: 2020-02-03