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ChangeLog: Dispatch App iOS/Android

Posted: Thu Aug 09, 2018 11:14 am
by johan
Dispatch App iOS/Android

Release history

Dispatch App 2.12 Released: 2019-10-25
- Fixed some bugs related to the (Dispatch push) connection to the server.

Dispatch App 2.11
- Fixed: Loading jobs through notifications.

Dispatch App 2.10
- Fixed: Log in with a user that is a member of more than one application.

Dispatch App 2.9
- Fixed an issue which would make the app crash on some phones.

Dispatch App 2.8. Android only

Release notes:
- Allow insecure servers (http) on Android 9.

Dispatch App 2.7

Release notes:
- Use the correct version of the Dispatch API, which has a bunch of bug fixes.
- Render the app inside the "safe area". It will now look better on iPhone X[R/S].
- Added additional privilege checks directly on login instead of failing later on.
- Fixed the login text input cursor to make it easier to see where you are typing.
- Fixed so you don't have to press "Login" twice on the login screen.

Dispatch App 2.6

Release notes:
- Better handling of notifications overall, and especially for jobs that are not scheduled for today
- Always show the action buttons on the job details screen. Previously they would only show on jobs that were scheduled for today

Dispatch App 2.5

Available on Google Play Store.
Soon available on Apple App Store.

Release notes:
- Improved handling of server stream errors
- Improved auto-login error handling
- Do not auto capitalize login inputs (server URL, username, password)

Dispatch App 2.4

Fixed a race condition during startup that could result in a "Failed to load language" error. (It was not related to loading the language)

Dispatch App 2.3

- New login flow. Easier to get started.
- Improved server connection stability.
- Fixed a bug in the third party EventSource plugin we are using.
- Retry Dispatch system subscriptions instead of silently failing.
- Improved error logging.
- Now we either present the error clearly, or log it to the server. The error log is named "DispatchApp" on the server. (Note: the server must be updated to December release Updates.v5 and Dispatch to get errors on the server)
- This might be annoying in the beginning, but it should help us solve the issues when we see them.

Dispatch App (2.1)

Release Notes:
- Fixed an issue with logging out (that resulted in a white screen)

Dispatch App (2.0)

Released on App Store: 2018-08-09
Released on Google Play: 2018-08-08

Release notes:
- Fixed crash issue in route custom fields

Re: ChangeLog: Dispatch App iOS/Android

Posted: Tue Oct 15, 2019 5:25 pm
by johan
Dispatch App 2.11