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ChangeLog: Updates.v5

Thu Oct 19, 2017 3:49 pm

Updates.v5 build 3512 Released: 2019-10-17


- Introducing Native Maps 2.0
- Show Device type in Vehicle List

- Security improvements. Upgrade recommended.
- Added integrity check for plugin updates.

- Updated privilege identifier for _ReadGeofence solving problem creating / updating applications on new installations.
- Fix connection cleanup routine could potentially crash the service (rare)
- Improved the look of map layer selector checkboxes in VehicleTracker.
- Fix issue where lng / lat values was not being formatted in marker attributes when using nautical measurement.
- Show Name instead of Username for vehicle/device in Commands panel for pending and historical commands.
- Fixes issue where an object having a custom field of type List cannot be saved/deleted
- Always keep the latest Device Activity timestamp
- Polygon and Route geofence editing for Custom Maps works again.
- Do not fail evaluating/loading all Event Expression if one doesn't exist
- Added more clear instructions on the password reset page
- MapClient and CoreMap is now part of Updates.v5
- Native geocoder: Fix for reverse geocoding of coordinates close to zero.

- Fix scripted events maintaining the life cycle programmatically by using context.Start/EndEvent script function in combination with Schedule and or Delayed Event features
- Fix various issues when using Script Expression creating events in multiple namespaces
- http (GET, POST) exposed to Command Click Scripts.
- Exposed to Device Mapper scripts. user.username user.imei

Updates.v5 build 3412 Released: 2019-09-19


- Snap to road feature when creating Route Geofences
- Use HTTPS for GpsGate repositories
- Distribute iOSTracker as part of Updates.v5

- Handle first day of month and week in calendars correctly.
- Fixed crash in Edit geofence form when opening a partially loaded geofence.
- Fixed Geofence "Pin to map" toggle bug.
- Route Geofences having a tolerance of less than a meter caused errors when displayed on the map and could not be checked for "is inside"
- Hover tool tips for all types of geofences now behave consistently (also fixes missing route tool tips)
- Rename CSV (localized) file column headers "utc_time_stamp" and "received_utc_time_stamp" to "local_time_stamp" and "received_local_time_stamp".
- No longer localize names of user created Workspaces, Views and Applications in VehicleTracker top menu. Caused confusion when names shown was not the name given when created.
- Updates timezone definitions to zonetab 2019b
- No longer show expired apps in VehicleTracker app switcher.
- Simplified track recording by splitting tracks only at application midnight
- Fix for disconnecting devices when a tag with lots a users is updated/deleted
- Fixed a bug where some confirm windows in VehicleTracker would not have the selected branding color in the header.
- Batch Edit Users: Fixed updating roles and tags
- User Actions: Fix for long blocking queries into User actions
- Fix case when an Event Rule having an Offline Expression or/and being configured with Delay + Auto Trigger or Schedule could evaluate event rule with invalid data causing database error. (overflowing DateTime)
- More robust handling when a device plugin is reinstalled.

- Default to 10 concurrent web request per Service point


REST Batch updating custom fields
Added PUT /batch/applications/{applicationid:int}/users/{userid:int}/customfields

Updates.v5 build 3333 Released: 2019-08-15

- Allow SiteAdmin user search to search on custom fields
- SiteAdmin user search table state (column visibility) is persisted and restored on next load
- Improved billing.

- iOS tracker should now work better in Cloud servers.
- Vehicle name label could fail to update after a view change.
- Fix issue where shared workspaces could not be saved in applications created from a template.
- CleanupInterval can now be changed run time.
- Expand geofence tag does now show all geofences in panel.
- Fix a IE11 loading issue with Event Panel.
- Use status as vehicle marker for new applications

- Disable temporarily login in case of a brute force login has been identified
- Added autocomplete="off" attribute to login password field. Most modern browsers will ignore this attribute but cyber vulnerability reports flags this as a necessary attribute.

- Timer click script: avoid issues caused by Session.Locale's culture defaulting to SA culture if VT culture is Invariant
- REST: Fixed the issue regarding numeric usernames

Updates.v5 build 3265 Released: 2019-07-18


Improved Kiosk mode - keep tight control of data acess and workspace layout

Full screen mode:

Much improved map markers:

Added [Event start time] template variable to Event Rule to resolve the start time of an event in notifiers

Template properties are copied to the application

- Fix user entered adjustments to ActiveTimeAccumulators such as Engine Hours was sometimes reverted back to the original value.
- Some workspaces that were previously working could fail to load.
- When updating an accumulator with an historical value the wrong value was updated in the UI
- Fixed slow saving of applications and event rules on some hosted servers.
- Update UI when alarms are closed using cleanup
- Longer timeout during upgrade service restart
- Use SiteAdmin timezone when displaying Error logs modified time
- Smaller Upload.v5 download
- Improved information on how to resolve dependencies when installing a new Plugin.
- Fixed Driver speed in UI
- Fixed problem that sometimes prevented applications from being saved.
- Faster startup of service.
- Made the KML feed more scalable
- Fixed a bug where Microsoft Edge users could not click on some icons and buttons.
- Fixes to licensed users in deleted applications
- Made Icon notifier more robust
- Fix case where event data did not get deleted when it should
- No longer set appId= parameter in the URL after logging out from VehicleTracker to avoid confusion when trying to sign in to another application or with another user.

adding a user with PasswordReset no longer requires a service restart


Now available in Command Click Scripts:
- command.response to read response from device when a a device completes the command
- commands.send(...) to trigger sending commands
- exposed .disconnect() for user objects in app scripts

- Added session.liveIP in Script Expressions


GET /applications/{applicationid:int}/roles
Get a list of Roles

GET /applications/{applicationid:int}/roles/{roleid:long}
Get a Role by Id

DELETE /applications/{applicationid:int}/roles/{roleid:int}/users/{userid:long}
Remove a user from a role

POST /batch/applications/{applicationid:int}/roles/{roleid:int}/users
Add a list of users to a role

DELETE /batch/applications/{applicationid:int}/roles/{roleid:int}/users
Remove all users from a role

PATCH /batch/applications/{applicationid:int}/users
Resource to add user to multiple applications.

REST resource to add and remove devices from user.

Updates.v5 build 3160 Released: 2019-06-13

- Always store the result of persistable mapped fields on the first track point of the day
- Improved check for Java 64bit
- Fixed closing events for vehicles that are connected to the server but only are sending Keep Alive messages
- Fixes to session logout propagation to IIS
- Fix problem causing high CPU usage when receiving text messages containing unicode emojis.
- Show time instead of day if the event is on the same day as the selected date.
- Fixed fetching closed events from UI
- Settings saved in a workspace will reflect after a workspace change without browser reload.
- Command Control prints date & time according to the locale settings.
- Maximized windows will still show the bottom window dock bar.
- Fix issue in IE11 that caused the VT branding logo to overlap the menu in the top left corner.


Automated application setup:

Variable Notifiers. Save output from Event Rules to variables.

REST API/applications/trackinfo - LIST A resource for fetching all track updates happened after a timestamp and within a time period.
REST API/applications - POST/LIST Resources for creating applications and listing application templates
LIST DeviceTypes resource
POST Device resource

Updates.v5 build 3101 Released: 2019-05-16

New features:
- New default workspace!

- Sync user timezone to application timezone
- Intermittent failure when initializing the ActivityCache caused every subsequent RpcRequest to fail until service was restarted
- Icon on buttons etc could get wrong size after using icon import/edit.
- Better error messages if map fails to load.
- Add automatic retry to failed server calls in the event panel.
- Changed the sort order of the VehicleTracker table control column picker (right click on table header).
- Selected items in the column picker are now always displayed on top, then sorted alphabetically.
- added Text{17..30} for 'GpsGate Generic Device' device
- Fix Status panel table not resizing when adjusting the panel size.
- Fix Status panel table showing a horizontal scrollbar when switching to the panel after a changing the active vehicle.

- Close user session after a successful password recovery

- Added Description and UnitName to the Variable resource
- Added Count and Updated properties to TrackInfoBag and Applications/Users/TrackInfo resource model

Updates.v5 build 2983 Released: 2019-04-17

- Password recovery from the Login page
- Re-enabled option to set historical corrections for accumulators. (Odometer)

- Always use odometer value for distance calculation when in "Fatpoint" if User -> Odometer is configured with "Use Device Odometer"
- Add missing "Back" arrow icon in Event Panel
- Fixed saving Event Rules with Email & SMS Notifiers. Problem introduced in March Release.
- Support for downloading large error logs
- Fix issue where batch updates could overwrite newer changes with older ones
- Fix initializing a new Odometer could lead to wrong values during the first day.

- Optimized privilege lookup to be more efficient. On a server with many operators this will reduce CPU usage
- Abort initialization of UserDataStore and OpenUIEventStore instead of waiting for it to finish when stopping the service. This will speed up plugins updates on large servers

- Track resources return filtered data by default, filtering can be switched off by a bool parameter called Filtered.

Updates.v5 build 2913 Released: 2019-03-14

- Made it easier to add new application. New applications are now created with the "+ Application" button in "Search and Manage" tab in SiteAdmin. The quick add only require an application name and your choice of application template. You can access the old way of creating applications with the "Advanced" button.
- Branding removed as stand alone plugin.
- Getting users online with Android tracker has been simplified

User experiance:
- Removed fields Operator, APN, GPRS username, GPRS password from device section in New/Edit User window.

Event Panel:
- Export events in CSV format
- Added a tool tip when hovering over an event card. Displays the full event rule name
- Added a tool tip when hovering over event rule filter in event list. Displays all event rules selected.

- Fixed issue with upload button (for importing geofences) being very small in some browsers.
- Fixed issue with not being able to update geofence groups that have invalid colors.
- Only allow HEX colors to be manually entered in ColorPicker.
- Fixed issue with not being able to add any type of geofence without "EditRouteGeofence" privilege.
- Use virtual list to display geofences to solve performance issues.
- Added progress bar when fetching geofences and tags.
- Fixed crashing issue when right clicking on tag/geofence without having correct privilege.

- A load bar now shows in the Track points panel during Export to give user visual feedback of the operation. Export button is also disabled during ongoing export.

- Reduced the time it takes to update Updates.v5 plugin.
- Cleanup driver events created by Driver Journal

- Added support for custom counters and accumulators with scripted mapper fields
- ID of VehicleTracker application available in UserRightClickMenu and WindowsMenu scripts as
- Fixed UserStatus REST resource
- exposed in scripts, now also in Notifier Click Scripts
- geofence.description now available in Geofences returned by geofence.find(...) in Script Expressions.

- Fix mismatching panel and window menu name. "Application Console" in windows menu now changed to "App Console" to match its Window/Panel title
- Support for removing settings
- Fixed duplicated Service Plugins
- Cleanup latest record when a device changes mappers
- Map "peeking" (press and hold "p") could make Bing maps stop reacting to dragging.
- Fixed rare 'SyntaxError: Unexpected token }' error in Vehicle Tracker
- Fix error when trying to remove/restore branding saying that user do not have the privileges to remove the image file.
- Fix cache invalidation problems when using HTTPS on some setups. This caused for example a newly created report fail to get rendered.
- Stop Microsoft Edge from closing main VT menus when hovering over icons in the menu.
- Fix unhandled exception in Notes
- Fixed sporadic issue with commands

- Accumulator values can only be set for the current time, historical modifications are no longer supported
- Links

Updates.v5 build 2819 Released: 2019-02-14

Event Panel:

The number of events will be shown in the event panel tab title.
Added support for picking a specific time interval when searching for events.
Added missing localizations in the event panel.
Event notifications are now off by default.
Larger max event rules limit (1000 instead of 100/200).
Fixed 'Filter on Events' quick filter in Vehicle list
Fixed event list flickering while a vehicle filter is enabled
Events and Vehicles top menu items will now show the same number as the respective panel title, i.e. "Events (6)" panel title will now show "Events (6)" in top menu.


Replaced all old components in the geofence panel with new frontend components
Added formatting help when importing geofences
Fixed import issue when having "nautic" instead of "meters"
Fixed issue with multiple context menus being opened at the same time


VehicleTracker's window/tab title will now be updated dynamically to say: "YourCurrentApp | YourCurrentView" for easier navigation if you have multiple tabs open
Press and hold "p" to peek the underlying map. Vehicles, geofences, POI:s etc are temporarily dimmed for quick and easy inspection without loosing your focus.


Setting optimizations
Performance improvements while a vehicle list filter is enabled
Faster login.


Allow to persist the result of device mapper field scripts. Save Custom Field History! Save key=value data from device!
Added DriverID to UserEditModel
Click script editor output wasn't showing html symbols right.


Fixed issue when importing multi-part KML files as geofence to multiple applications.
Fix issue with not being able to log in with username and password in URL
Fix issue that users were not redirected to /m when accessing GpsGateServer from mobile device
Fix case where Event Rules creates excessive amount of garbage rows in database causing performance degradation.
Fixed "Failed to save some settings" error message when saving Vehicle Marker Settings. Added a more user friendly notification that some settings can't be saved to the Default workspace (which was why the error was displayed).
Fixed Custom Maps failed to load. (bug introduced in January Release)
Editing a Custom Map layer in SiteAdmin didn't respond to input.
Reload language after clicking 'Save & Reload' in the Localization editor
Fixed rare problem to open Device Mapper Script editor.
emails with dash right before @ are valid. (example "a-@a.a")
Fix missing localization of "Vehicle info" top menu item

Updates.v5 build 2718 Released: 2019-01-17

- New login page design! Login page can now be customized with an optional image and text with additional information. Change the login page appearance in SiteAdmin -> Settings -> Login Branding

- Improved scheduler for large servers.

Event Panel:
- Separated Time and Event type filtering
- Allow to change filters when accessing Event list by clicking on an Event card
- Handle "Something went wrong" in event panel when clustering is disabled.
- Add pagination and drag and drop reorder functionality on event panel card view.
- Fix issue with not displaying all event rule arguments by default in the stats card detailed view.

- Unicode template commands support for MSSQL
- Disable script loggers for ScriptExpression when processing reports
- Fix issue with two search icons in VehicleTracker top menu for Reports and Application switcher dropdown menus.
- Fix note category menu (arrow next to the search field in Notes panel) extending outside screen when having a lot of categories
- Fixed an issue where branding logo would display very large when loading VehicleTracker, then resize to the intended size
- Area Search plugin rectangle selection could stop working
- Adjusted the default position of the map toolbar to align with the latest larger Google Maps buttons

- It is now possible to change the comGpsGate path part in REST URL by adding the REST_URL_PATH setting in the app config. Edit the GpsGate.Service.exe.config file located in 'Franson NMEA Service' folder and add <add key="REST_URL_PATH" value="CUSTOM_URL" /> in the appSettings section
- commands (.send, .sendToUser) now also available in UserRightClickMenu scripts.
- Added time parameters for REST method to get track data

Updates.v5 build 2592 Released: 2018-12-13

- Add drag and swap functionality to Temperature Sensor ID:s in edit user.
- If selecting a feature from the "Windows" menu it will be brought into view even if the panel is inside a collapsed column.
VehicleTracker main menus with search bar will auto focus the search bar so user can search immediately
- User can now close open menu with ESC key
- Lists and table-columns will now be sorted in a more intuitive way. Case-insensitive and numeric, i.e "vehicle3" will sort before "vehicle12".

Event Panel:
- Pan to event when clicking on an event
- Show historical events on map. Requires enabling the 'Show history on map' event panel setting
- Do not show disabled event rules in card view
- Fix flickering event list on load time
- Pan to event marker on event click
- Context menu on right click on event marker

- Improved performance of inserting message data

- Fixed an issue where Edit User window could become too tall and Save and Cancel buttons were hidden outside window.
- Fixed handling of speed data when some messages from device had no speed information.
- Fix Status panel content disappearing after collapse minimize/maximize panel
- Fix bug with Icon picker could cause whole VT to scroll up and leave a grey unusable bottom area
- Fixed Icons on some buttons in the Event Rule Wizard was missing
- Fix in API SessionManager
- Fix: Vehicle list could fail or become empty in some vehicle's configurations.
- Fix: Geocoding could sometimes fail on first line in Vehicle list.
- Fix: Only show Application Console in Window menu if _EditScriptApp privilege exists


Added POST/Geofences resource to REST API

Updates.v5 v5.0.0.2481 Released: 2018-11-15

- Cleaner menus and easier workflow!

- Redesigned Vehicle Clusters
- Support for MySQL 8.0
- Added Text5-Text16 inputs to GpsGate Generic Device

Event Panel:
- Localize Open events in vehicle list
- Display event duration in seconds for events shorter then 60 seconds
- Do not show event notifications for event rule without a presentation
- When drilling down into events by clicking on a card, all event arguments for that event rule are shown automatically.
- Auto focus on comment text field when closing an event
- Update Event list automatically with new events when an operator is not actively working on events
- Otherwise display scroll to top with count of new events
- Added on hover information for card and list view
- Grey out events cards for event rules with no open events
- Fixed displaying Event Rule names in IE 11
- Fixed position of context menu in IE 11
- Fix issue that could cause the Event Panel to become blank (mostly affected FireFox users)
- Fix issue having to right click a vehicle in the Vehicle Panel two times before the menu would appear (mostly affected FireFox users)
- Aggregate event count on Vehicle clusters
- Event settings table displays if the Notification status (Enabled or Disabled)

- Vehicle marker attribute windows now toggles on click
- Fixed case when Archiving did not copy all track points to target server.
- Improved handling of NaN or ±Infinity values.
- Fix case where driver got faulty logged out when two drivers swap vehicles with each other
- Fixed issue that prevented tracks to be read.
- Updated TimeZone information from version 2017b -> 2018f
- Work around for Garmin USB 18 bad date format, when connected via GpsGate Splitter to GpsGate Server.
- Opening new window from scripts should now work in Firefox as well.
- Fix Driver Rule having end expression made driver tracks to overlap (logged in on multiple vehicles at once)
- Update Workspace with latest values of accumulators when updating an accumulator value in Edit User
- Fixed intermittent issues to sending commands from Vehicle Tracker
- Fixed rare issue with Vehicle Info panel could freeze on resize


- REST API - Fixed a bug in API's SessionManager
- Retired: Creating and editing Geofences from SOAP

Added POST/Users resource to REST API

Updates.v5 v5.0.0.2333 Released: 2018-10-18

- New amazing Event Panel
More info:

- Fix race condition causing NullReferenceException when starting HttpPushConnection
- Fix driver not properly logged out from vehicle when no valid position was sent since the time of login.
- Log Terminal info when message is altered by Driver logout.
- Fixed sporadic issue with running event rules for users that were added/removed from a Tag using the Tags/User resource
Improved license check.

- Culture invariant parsing on RPC requests
- Additional error logging around failed RPC calls
- REST API - fix in HTTP headers

Added List/UserType resource to REST API

Added POST/View resource to REST API

Updates.v5 v5.0.0.2137 Released: 2018-09-20

- All plugins are updated in one go.
- Support for utf8 encoding and large SMS message lengths when using GpsGate Android SMS proxy

User experiance:
- Event cluster and event icon on the map now have their border fade in and out instead of blink.
- Selected vehicle now has a green border (previously white).

- Add localization key "Vehicle info"
- Fix speed value displayed as "- null" in status panel table view for offline and pending devices.
- Improved Geofence cache.
- Update Device Name when batch updating devices
- More robust Device Mapper UI.

- Resolved to strict cross-site security.

- Optimization in loading field scripts

- 'commands' now available in Web Service Scripts.

- Added Put operation to rest for editing Users

Added REST resources for:

Get User by username
Edit User by username
Edit custom-field by custom-field name

Updates.v5 v5.0.0.2022 Released: 2018-08-16

User experience:
- Map search box (bottom of map) is now turned into a button in the map toolbar and available in all maps.
- Remove duplicate speed entry in Status Panel and Marker Attributes. Vehicle List, Status Panel and Marker Attributes now show the same speed value.
- Vehicle map icon is now centered under the name label.
- Selected vehicle is now slightly bigger to make it easier to see that it is selected.
- Various minor UI improvements.

- Support for Geo Location (LBS)

- Geofence fetching/updating optimizations
- 1-Wire optimization
- Improved performance when clients connects over slow networks.

- Correct values now looked up and updated on Batch Update Users > Custom Fields.
- Improved logging
- Only show "Set visible variables" icon in Status panel when user has _ManageColumns privilege.
- Fix wrong Time Accumulator value formatting in Status panel grid view. Time accumulators showed time in seconds in grid view, but now shows hh:mm:ss like the table view does.
- Fix application switcher dropdown showing multiple times after workspace change
- Remove user/device from Vehicle list when it is deleted
- Fixes recovery problem after master/slave replica switches in Aurora cluster
- Do not fail Device Definition upgrade when trying to map an already mapped variable
- Fix bug where some variables in Status panel showed an incorrect time stamp.
- Events with a zero duration could sometimes be wrongly handled in reports.

- Added "Custom Fields" resource (/applications/{applicationid:int}/users/{userid:int}/customfields)
- Fixed encoding in Command Notifier HTTP request.
- Fixed NullReferenceException in REST API when fetching data for an unknown user

Updates.v5 v5.0.0.1938 Released: 2018-07-19

User experiance:
- Added a new "Pending" status to vehicle status icons. A yellow pending icon will show if the tracker is connected and sends data to the server but did not send position.
- Added transparency to the vehicle marker attribute label on the map.

- Log browser JavaScript errors to System Tools -> Logs.
- Quick switch between applications by drop-down placed in top right corner.

- Faster creating new applications.

- Using event rule icon notifications without icons could make vehicle markers fail.
- Better centering of vehicle name labels.
- Icon picker in Event Rule editor could sometimes fail to open correctly.
- Fixed display issue of time based accumulators in the user form
- Fixed issues with Status Icon from June Release.
- Changes in the Marker Attributes window are now instantly changed on the map instead of having to press "Apply" after each change. Note that workspace needs to be saved to keep the settings.
- Vehicle label on the map is now updated automatically after saving a user with a new label icon. Previously a browser refresh was necessary to see the changes.
- Fix issue where modification to tags, users, views, roles etc did not show in various places in the UI.
- Fix Delayed Event with Auto Trigger was not created when position time stamp was in the future
- Sort track data on source level (DB) for legacy track storage V5 and V6. Fixes cases where reports generated on "old" data got wrong results
- Outgoing SMS messages will be cropped to fit within carrier restrictions rather than permanently failing. The current generalised setting is 153 bytes long.
This is 153 ASCII characters but fewer when using special characters.
- Track Replay could fail second time used
- Map layer selector now handles all alarm marker cases, previously missed "Clustering by rule" markers.
- Map layers fade in and out
- Fix display issues for App Console window
- IE/Edge compatibility fixes


Added Geofence REST API resource
GET: Get a geofence by ID
LIST: List geofences within an application
Added GeofenceGroup REST API resource
GET: Get Geofence Group by ID
LIST: List Geofence Groups within an application
POST: Create a new Geofence Group
PUT: Update a Geofence Group
DELETE: Delete a Geofence Group
Added GeofenceGroup/Geofence REST API resource
LIST: Get Geofences within a Geofence Group
POST: Add a Geofence to a Geofence Group
DELETE: Remove a Geofence from a Geofence Group

- Exposed email and surname fields to user objects in scripts.

Updates.v5 v5.0.0.1818 Released: 2018-06-14

User experience:
- New status icon and new vehicle marker!

- Optimized Event Rule loading time
- Improved profiling
- Long UI running tasks, such as user import, will not affect UI performance
- Optimized loading of Geofences by initially only fetch basic info and load the shapes on demand
- Try sending HTTP _ExternalNotification directly, enqueue only in case of a failure
- Optimized resetting of Geofence spatial cache
- Faster track loading from database.

- Fix missing Lat/Long in Vehicle Info panel
- Fixed Null Reference when changing view with vehicles that do not have a position
- Fixed issue where commands might not show for some devices
- Fix formatting of numbers when using unit 'NUMBER_INTEGER'. Used to add one decimal to numbers if less than 1.0
- Localize bucket is UI
- Fixed an issue where address text would become hidden if Vehicle Info panel was too small
- Moved Username and Driver ID to "Show more" section in vehicle info panel


- "Allow to replace OneWire Sensor ID" meta field for all devices, which allows to replace an unused OneWire Sensor ID automatically

- New privilege checks in geofence:
1. _ReadGeofence gives Read access to ALL geofences
2. _ReadGeofencesInTag gives Read access to Geofences in specific Tags
Uncheck _ReadGeofence if you want _ReadGeofencesInTag to have any effect
3. _EditGeofence filters access on _ReadGeofence and _ReadGeofencesInTag
Again, uncheck _ReadGeofence if you want _ReadGeofencesInTag to have any effect
4. _EditGeofenceTags allows users to Add/Edit and Delete Geofence Tags
5. _EditGeofence and _EditGeofenceTags are both required for Batch operations
6. Added _EditGeofencesInTag privilege.


GpsGate Protocol over TCP/IP with SSL (port 30177) available.
More info:


REST resource that returns the status of all users. (status = position + variables) there is an optional filter to get only updates after a specific time stamp.
URI: /applications/{applicationid:int}/UsersStatus

Updates v5.0.0.1647 Released: 2018-05-17

User experiance:
- Map layers!

- System messages.
- Force logout

- Geofence groups "Always visible" is renamed to "Pin to Map" and can more easily be toggled on/off with a pin button directly in the group card (right hand side, next to the "Show more"/"Show less" button)"

- General minor performance improvments.

- Fix: RouteMessage could generate wrong time stamps when using new Script Engine.
- Now it is possible to geocode through REST API
- New in Script Expressions:
getLatestPosition() on user objects.
- New in Click Scripts (Timer):
geocoding object
- Fixes SSL versions compatibility when placing a http GET or POST request from scripting.

- Added missing geofence privileges to Basic One template (all Geofence privileges are now included by default).
- Moved Basic One from separate deploy package into Updates.v5.
- The Status panel list view sort order and column layout is now saved to the workspace.
- Fixed a bug where the last variable rows was hidden when Status Panel was displayed as a window.
- Updated texts referring to "signals" to say "variable" instead in Status panel.
- "Automatically trigger event after the delay specified above" did not always work.

Updates.v5 v5.0.0.1550 Released: 2018-04-19

User experience:
- Status panel have been improved with more functionality. Variables and their values can now be shown as a grid view in addition to the old table layout. You can set custom order and visibility for the variable values in the grid view. Order, visibility and view mode are saved to the workspace.
- The design of the Vehicle Info tab has been improved and also features shortcuts to basic actions like Edit User, Draw today's track and adding and showing Notes.

- Add "Convert_to_GCJ02" metafield for all devices. Support for Chinese maps.
- Current and estimated cost is now presented under SiteAdmin -> Settings -> Licenses for subscribed servers.
- "Slow Drive" track filter added.

- Faster scripting engine.

- SOAP method to manage Tags works again.
- Fix "id" to be properly resolved in Command Notifier.
- Fix issue with editing existing polygon Geofences on map
- Fix issue when removing a View that is currently in used by other VehicleTracker browser sessions
- Fix Right Click menu could disappear efter map switch.

- New type of scripts available in Apps - WindowsMenu. Runs a script when the related Windows menu option is clicked.
- REST: Added a new resource ("/applications/{applicationid:int}/users/{userid:int}/status") with similar behavior to Directory.GetLatestGateRecords to REST API.
- REST: Added a new resource ("/applications/{applicationid:int}/tags/{tagid:int}/users/{userid:int}") for getting users in tag, removing a user from a tag and adding a user to a tag.

Updates.v5 v5.0.0.1446 Released: 2018-03-15

User experience:
- Batch operations for geofences.

- Pay per usage.
- A vehicle's list CSV export now considers search result.

- Cleanup after a bug where a new [default] workspace was being saved to the database every time you reloaded VehicleTracker.
- Issues found in the new geofence management from the February release.
- Script Notifiers should now work again.
- Fix email sending when Reverse Geocode Notification errors is disabled
- Events that began before the vehicle tracker was loaded will now again appear in the Event Panel.

- Added ChangeUserSurname, ChangeEmail and ChangeDriverID to SOAP
- Added variable, track & trackinfo resources to the REST api

Updates.v5 v5.0.0.1318 Released: 2018-02-15

- Improved security. Upgrade recommended.

User experience:
- New geofence panel.

- Faster track reading.
- Improves app creation time on servers with many applications

- SmsMessage input for GpsGate TrackerOne and GpsGate Generic Device. Contains entire SMS if it is not a TrackerOne message.
- Odometer Accumulator (Server Odometer) is now saved for zero speed.
- List cluster content. Right-click on a cluster and filter on the vehicles currently part of it.
- Accumulators can now be masked in User Access Mask Editor
- Automatic cleanup for Error and Profiling logs

- Entries of custom fields of list type now require unique names, too (to avoid errors on user save)
- Fix issues with sending sms and email to users having multiple phone numbers or email addresses
- Switched quick registration message sending from the Edit User UI to check _EditUsers privilege rather than something less related. This allows out-of-the-box operators with default Role configuration to send registration messages without further tweaks.
- Sort error logs by Modified date
- Zoom to View now works again after view change on larger servers. (issue introduced in December release)

Updates.v5 v5.0.0.1163 Released: 2018-01-15

- Improved security. Upgrade recommended.

- Command panel 25k ready!

- Added the possibility to download error and profiler log files from site admin (not available on hosted servers)
- Instead of some colored circles now a wide range of icons and colors are available
- Added Server/message received timestamp to historical Track points in vehicle tracker
- Device Template command can contain any UTF-8 character as the command text
- A pink screen is shown in SiteAdmin if Java 64bit is not installed. (GpsGate does not run well with Java 32bit)
- Added device metafield: 'Save emulated first message of day' to all device types.
This will configure if an emulated version of the message should be saved when starting a new track.
i.e: Enables storing latest value of each signal regardless if it was sent by the device or not.

- ui.iframe option in right click menu scripts can now take a 'style' argument, used to override the 'style' attribute of the created iframe.

- Fixes ordering of gate-messages when a device sends multiple messages the same millisecond.
- Change of Device mapper could sometimes require a service restart to take effect. (Problem introduced in December release).
- Fix: Saving Event Rule with Icon Notifier could fail on large sever. (Problem introduced in December release).
- Fixed missing error message in VehicleTracker when batch importing users.
- Fixed UserTemplate template export
- Fixed an error where trackpoints graph timeline would not show up

Updates.v5 v5.0.0.1031 Released: 2017-12-14


- Vehicle list now 25k Ready! (25.000 devices in one application)
- Command panel now 25k Ready!
- Uses less memory.

User experience:
- Changed the look of toggle switches in Event Panel (Live/History) and App Console (Automatic refresh on/off)

- Email Notifier body can now changed to text/plain attachment.
- View track now logged as User Action.
- Added a privilege for controlling access to the SOAP API (_SOAP)
- Added a "Copy URL" button to KML feed popup window
- Unknown devices can now be exported to CSV file.

- Save map bounding box in workspace.
Deselect the checkbox "Zoom to view".
Move the map to the region you like, and adjust the zoom.
Save the workspace.
Next time you load the workspace the map will open in that view. And not move if you change views.

- Added missing localization keys.
- Fixed rare memory leak.
- Fixed rare plugin upgrade scenario where a plugin update would never complete
- Fixed DB connection string parsing with empty password
- Include Airplane and City Drive Track Filter templates with Updates.v5
- Fix missing default vehicle field in Driver Info section when creating a new driver
- Fix case when it appeared that panels in the workspace always showed up in collapsed state.

- Can set position, size for script-generated iframe windows now.
- Can add User Types, Reports and Custom Fields to references in Apps.

Updates.v5 v5.0.0.807 Released: 2017-11-15

User experiance:
- First batch of UI updates to modernize the look of VehicleTracker. New buttons and a more 'flat' looking interface.

- Added black notifier icon to Events
- Added limits on "number of times that a single device trigger a single SMS/Email Notifier per hour". Defaults 5 for SMS Notifiers and 10 for Email Notifiers.
- [GPRMC] variable can be used in Event Rule Notifiers to return track point data in GPRMC format.

- Email setup page improved.
- Added some missing localization keys for Icon Library
- Fix bug causing track data sometimes could not be displayed/fetched
- Fix missing progress bar when generating report in VehicleTracker

- GpsGate REST API for getting Events

Updates.v5 v5.0.0.643 Released: 2017-10-19


- Improved performance when loading Edit Tag window. User selection table now only show some of users at first, then loads more when scrolling down. Sorting is now done on server side to reduce browser load.

- "Too many events. Some will not be shown on the map" notification is now hidden if the Event Panel is closed.
- Context menu could fail on greyed (never seen) vehicles.
- Remove ugly scroll-bars in tracks- and trackpoints lists (Chrome and FF).
- Resolving Template Command variable [ProtocolIPAddress] more robust by checking for the public ip in case no hostname is provided under SiteAdmin -> Settings

- setCustomFieldValue() now sets valure in current application and not original application.
- You can now use scripting to open new windows displaying custom pages based on URLs specified in a script.

- Now available in click/web service scripts: driverId for user objects
- Now available in click/web service scripts: directory.getUserByDriverID(string)

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Updates.v5 build 3512 Released: 2019-10-17

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