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Changelog: Topin

Posted: Wed Sep 06, 2017 4:13 pm
by Bjorn_Andersson
Patches and bug fixes for Topin

Update from SiteAdmin -> Plugins.
Change URL to

More info on how to connect Topin tracker:

Release history:

Topin v5.0.0.2851 Released: 2018-02-27
- added support of SOS report (0x99)

Topin v4.0.0.5869 Released: 2017-10-16
- fix parsing error.

Topin v4.0.0.5869 Released: 2017-09-26
- fix GPS report parsing

Topin v4.0.0.5829 Released: 2017-09-13
- fix parsing of login message when the device sends wrong package length

Topin v4.0.0.5812 Released: 2017-09-06
- Initial release.

Re: Changelog: Topin

Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2019 8:45 am
by johan
Topin v5.0.0.2851 Released: 2018-02-27