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ChangeLog: Lovacom

Fri Jun 30, 2017 1:06 pm

Patches and bug fixes for Lovacom

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More info on how to connect Lovacom tracker:

Release history:

Lovacom v5.0.0.934 Released: 2017-11-28
- Add support for IButton

Lovacom v4.0.0.5702 Released: 2017-07-28
- Modified parsing DigitalInput1, DigitalInput2, DigitalInput3 inputs

Lovacom v4.0.0.5669 Released: 2017-07-19
- Added support for ALARM message without gps position

Lovacom v4.0.0.5654 Released: 2017-07-15
- Modified parsing Ignition signal (savechangesonly=true)

Lovacom v4.0.0.5645 Released: 2017-07-12
- Added support for GPSEH, GPSED messages, added DigitalInput1, DigitalInput2, DigitalInput3, DigitalInput1Value, DigitalInput2Value, DigitalInput3Value to Generic device,

Lovacom v4.0.0.5625 Released: 2017-07-07
- Fixed the unit of speed from km/h to miles/h, added SatellitesInView, SatellitesTracked, TotalDistance, Ignition, Motion, TravelStart, TravelStop and MainPower signals to Generic device,

Lovacom v4.0.0.5609 Released: 2017-07-04
- Added LoginReport

Lovacom v4.0.0.5597 Released: 2017-06-30
- Initial release.

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Re: ChangeLog: Lovacom

Tue Nov 28, 2017 4:52 pm

Lovacom v5.0.0.934 Released: 2017-11-28
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