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ChangeLog: Dashboard

Tue Dec 13, 2016 10:00 am

Updates and bug fixes for Dashboard Plugin

The Dashboard plugin provides a real time overview of your fleet.
You can now visualize the number of vehicles idling, distance traveled or any other events triggered and their duration.
The real time interface provides you with a better overall control of your fleet and easier management of fleet operations.
Initially, we are releasing the Dashboard plugin for our Mobile Application, which enables you to be constantly updated, even when you are on the go!

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Release history

Dashboard v5.0.0.1333 Released: 2018-03-15
- On import enable dashboard for all available views

Dashboard v5.0.0.1319 Released: 2018-02-15
- Improved overall performance.

Dashboard v5.0.0.1146 Released: 2018-01-15
- Fixes slow Service startup. And slow plugin upgrades.

Dashboard v5.0.0.765 Released: 2017-11-15
User experiance:
- First batch of UI updates to modernize the look of VehicleTracker. New buttons and a more 'flat' looking interface.

Dashboard v5.0.0.643 Released: 2017-10-19
- Improved support for Archiving.

Dashboard v4.0.0.5640 Released: 2017-08-15
Minor changes.

Dashboard v4.0.0.5417 Released: 2017-06-05
- Security improvements. Medium severity. Upgrade recommended.

Dashboard v4.0.0.5268 Released: 2017-04-26
- Fix: Works better in GpsGate Fleet app.

Dashboard v4.0.0.5109 Released: 2017-02-16
- Fix install on servers using older Microsoft SQL Server backends
- Optimizations and smaller fixes.

Dashboard v4.0.0.4983 Released: 2017-01-11
- Fix Application Template synchronization problem

Dashboard v4.0.0.4888 Released: 2016-12-13
- Initial Release
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Re: ChangeLog: Dashboard

Thu Mar 15, 2018 4:24 pm

Dashboard v5.0.0.1333 Released: 2018-03-15

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