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ChangeLog: BCEProtocol

Wed Sep 23, 2015 12:44 pm

Patches and bug fixes for BCEProtocol Plugin

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More info:

BCEProtocol v5.0.0.4653 Released: 2020-09-16
- BCEProtocol - MQTT XirgoFMS500Light add digital input and output fields and fix IButton

BCEProtocol v5.0.0.4638 Released: 2020-09-14
- BCEProtocol - XirgoFMS500Light device, re-add ignition to the report

BCEProtocol v5.0.0.4630 Released: 2020-09-11
- BCEProtocol - XirgoFMS500Light device, add harsh values and IButton to the report

BCEProtocol v5.0.0.4583 Released: 2020-09-02
- BCE MQTT report add ignition

BCEProtocol v5.0.0.4534 Released: 2020-08-18
- increase buffer size for MQTT protocol

BCEProtocol v5.0.0.4412 Released: 2020-07-08
- fix CAN_TotalVehicleDistance value

BCEProtocol v5.0.0.4306 Released: 2020-06-12
- added CAN_TotalVehicleDistance to OdometerAcc list

BCEProtocol v5.0.0.4155 Released: 2020-04-29
- added default mappings

BCEProtocol v5.0.0.3862 Released: 2020-01-24
- added GSM and SatelliteCount for Tacho device

BCEProtocol v5.0.0.3858 Released: 2020-01-23
- fix parsing of messages with contains invalid packets

BCEProtocol v5.0.0.3506 Released: 2019-10-16
fix 'Data transmission' packet ACK and order TrackPoints by time

BCEProtocol v5.0.0.3486 Released: 2019-10-08
fix identifying packet length by MQTT parser,

BCEProtocol v5.0.0.3478 Released: 2019-10-07
fix ACK for 'Subscribe to output control' packets

BCEProtocol v5.0.0.3472 Released: 2019-10-04
- fix parsing invalid data by MQTT parser

BCEProtocol v5.0.0.3461 Released: 2019-10-03
- fix MQTT data parsing

BCEProtocol v5.0.0.3378 Released: 2019-09-05
- added support for MQTT protocol

BCEProtocol v5.0.0.3094 Released: 2019-05-15
- 1Wire Temperature value range is -55°C..+85°C

BCEProtocol v5.0.0.2966 Released: 2019-04-10
- fix OneWire temperature value range: -55°C ... +125°C

BCEProtocol v5.0.0.2837 Released: 2019-02-20
- fix Tacho_Driver1(2)_ID values

BCEProtocol v5.0.0.2824 Released: 2019-02-15
- added Tacho_Driver1_ID, Tacho_Driver2_ID, Tacho_Odometer, Tacho_Slot1_Action, Tacho_Slot2_Action, Tacho_Slot1_Time, Tacho_Slot2_Time, Tacho_Slot1_Distance, Tacho_Slot2_Distance for 'BCE Tacho'

BCEProtocol v5.0.0.2762 Released: 2019-01-29
- added DigitalInput(1,5,6,7,9,13,14,15), Out(1,2,3) for BCE devices

BCEProtocol v5.0.0.2734 Released: 2019-01-22
- added OUT1, OUT2, OUT3, VirtualSignalS1, VirtualSignalS2, DataOverRS232, ForceDownloadFile for BCE devices

BCEProtocol v5.0.0.2656 Released: 2018-01-02
- fix SMS listener

BCEProtocol v5.0.0.2644 Released: 2018-12-21
- added support of SMS listener

BCEProtocol v5.0.0.2631 Released: 2018-12-18
- Added 1Wire variables SensorTemp1-4 to Tacho device
- Added MaximumAcceleration, MaximumDeceleration, MaximumCornering and DriverSeatBeltWarning inputs to generic device

BCEProtocol v5.0.0.2590 Released: 2018-12-11
added support of 'BCE Tacho' device

BCEProtocol v5.0.0.1718 Released: 2018-06-14
- "Allow to replace OneWire Sensor ID" meta field for all devices, which allows to replace an unused OneWire Sensor ID automatically

BCEProtocol Plugin v4.0.0.5898 Released: 2017-10-03
* fix package 9 parsing.

BCEProtocol Plugin v4.0.0.5471 Released: 2017-06-08
* Added EventFunction and EventCode signals to generic device

BCEProtocol Plugin v4.0.0.5397 Released: 2017-05-16
* Add support for RawData input (data type 9)

BCEProtocol Plugin v4.0.0.4964 Released: 2017-01-05
* Added support for DigitalInput3 and DigitalInput4

BCEProtocol Plugin v4.0.0.4894 Released: 2016-12-09
* Add support for Tacho_Driver1_ID, Tacho_Driver2_ID, Tacho_Odometer variables

BCEProtocol Plugin v4.0.0.4809 Released: 2016-11-15
* Fix parsing of "Driver Quality" variables

BCEProtocol Plugin v4.0.0.4431 Released: 2016-08-16
* Fix parsing of DigitalInput 2/8

BCEProtocol Plugin v4.0.0.4416 Released: 2016-08-12
* Added DigitalInput8

BCEProtocol Plugin v4.0.0.4403 Released: 2016-08-08
* Added DigitalInput2 variable

BCEProtocol Plugin v4.0.0.4238 Released: 2016-06-20
* Fixed J1708 Group1 Signals parsing

BCEProtocol Plugin v4.0.0.4228 Released: 2016-06-14
* Fixed parsing error

BCEProtocol Plugin v4.0.0.4071 Released: 2016-05-10
* Fixed device ID parsing.

BCEProtocol Plugin v4.0.0.4035 Released: 2016-04-29
* Added connection pooling for UDP

BCEProtocol Plugin v4.0.0.3797 Released: 2016-01-18
* Fix 1-Wire temperature

BCEProtocol Plugin v4.0.0.3627 Released: 2015-12-16
* Support for 1-Wire temperature sensors.

BCEProtocol Plugin v4.0.0.3476 Released: 2015-11-04
* Added FuelConsumptionInstant and CAN_FuelLevelPercent variable for BCEDeviceGeneric

BCEProtocol Plugin v4.0.0.3395 Released: 2015-10-21
* Fix null track point error

BCEProtocol Plugin v4.0.0.3358 Released: 2015-10-14
* Added support for ACK

BCEProtocol Plugin v4.0.0.3347 Released: 2015-10-12
* Fix various parsing errors

BCEProtocol Plugin v4.0.0.3337 Released: 2015-10-07
* Full protocol implementation

BCEProtocol Plugin v4.0.0.3263 Released: 2015-09-23
* Initial release


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Re: ChangeLog: BCEProtocol

Wed Sep 16, 2020 11:16 pm

BCEProtocol v5.0.0.4653 Released: 2020-09-16

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