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ChangeLog: Xeelectech

Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2014 11:55 am
by johan
More info on Xeelectech Plugin:

Release history:

Xeelectech v5.0.0.2963 Released: 2019-04-09
- parsing of mixed reports in the same package (ascii and binary)

Xeelectech v5.0.0.924 Released: 2017-11-27
* Added support for LowBattery and DropAlarm signals

Xeelectech v4.0.0.5313 Released: 2017-05-02
* Fixed parsing issue.

Xeelectech v4.0.0.5136 Released: 2017-02-24
* Added support for BatteryLevel, Move, GpsDeadZone, Shock, SOS, SpeedAlarm signal for generic device mapper, added support for new NBR message and V1 message, fixed parsing issues related to HighLevelSensor01, HighLevelSensor02, LowLevelSensor01, LowLevelSensor02, Ignition (the negative logic, bit=0 is effective according to the protocol doc, but it wasn't used for them)

Xeelectech Device Driver Plugin v4.0.0.3072 Released: 2015-07-31
* Fixed parsing error.

Xeelectech Device Driver Plugin v4.0.0.3054 Released: 2015-07-28
* Fixed parsing error.

Xeelectech Device Driver Plugin v4.0.0.1816 Released: 2014-09-30
* LK106 LK109 LK108 LK 208 LK206 LK102


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Re: ChangeLog: Xeelectech

Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 5:52 pm
by johan
Xeelectech v5.0.0.2963 Released: 2019-04-09