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ChangeLog: Track Replay

Posted: Wed Jul 09, 2014 3:17 pm
by johan
Updates and bug fixes for Track Replay Plugin

The Track Replay plugin allows to playback tracks for vehicles in an application. The playback can include any number of tracks and vehicles.

More info:

Release history

Track Replay build 3664 Released: 2019-12-12
Compatibility release

Track Replay build 3265 Released: 2019-07-18
Compatibility release.

Track replay build 2571 Released: 2019-02-14
Added human list sort

Track Replay v5.0.0.2520 Released: 2018-11-23
- Fixed an issue in the Track Replay plugin that could make VT not load properly. (UI-262)

Track Replay v5.0.0.1944 Released: 2018-07-23
- Now works with July 2018 Release.

Track Replay v4.0.0.5463 Released: 2017-09-14
- Fix: (minor fix that could cause localize warning to be enabled even in release mode, spamming performance).

Track Replay v4.0.0.5275 Released: 2017-04-26
- Fix: Update needed with new Patch.v4 release.

Track Replay v4.0.0.4900 Released: 2016-12-13
- Fix variables did not update when replaying track

Track Replay v4.0.0.4750 Released: 2016-11-24
- Fixed trip replay within Trip View when trying to replay several trips
- Enable 'Replay' button only once all tracks have been loaded

Track Replay v4.0.0.2800 Released: 2015-06-02
* FIX: Hide marker attributes during track replay
* FIX: Fixed issue where Track replay would crash if we try to replay tracks for a vehicle which is not in the current view

Track Replay v4.0.0.2159 Released: 2015-01-13
* FIX: Find next movement and fast forward to it

Track Replay v. Released 2014-07-16
* FIX: Replay only valid Track Points

Track Replay v. Released 2014-07-14
- FEATURE: Added Follow Selected and Show Trace functionalities to Track Replay

Track Replay v. Released 2014-07-09
- Initial release!


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Re: ChangeLog: Track Replay

Posted: Thu Dec 12, 2019 3:05 pm
by johan
Track Replay build 3664 Released: 2019-12-12