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ChangeLog: SkyWave

Thu Feb 20, 2014 5:30 pm

Patches and bug fixes for SkyWave Plugin

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More info on how to connect SkyWave tracker:

SkyWave IDP

Release history:

SkyWave v5.0.0.4021 Released: 2020-03-11
change url "start_utc" parameter value only when provider's response contains at least one 'Message' object

SkyWave v5.0.0.4015 Released: 2020-03-11
- more detailed logging

SkyWave v5.0.0.3874 Released: 2020-01-29
- fix parsing of "ID" field

SkyWave v5.0.0.3673 Released: 2019-11-28
added Odometer and 'modbus9..32' inputs for IDP device

SkyWave v5.0.0.3373 Released: 2019-09-04
- improve data parsing for IDP devices.

SkyWave v5.0.0.3360 Released: 2019-08-30
- added AdditionalFields for IDP device, which includes a comma separated string with all values that are not included in the mapper

SkyWave v5.0.0.3113 Released: 2019-05-21
- Improved support of DeviceCloud.

SkyWave v5.0.0.3111 Released: 2019-05-20
- More logging.

SkyWave v5.0.0.2956 Released: 2019-04-05
- added upgrade scripts for IDP providers

SkyWave v5.0.0.2946 Released: 2019-04-01
- added support of Custom URL for IDP provider

SkyWave v5.0.0.2945 Released: 2019-03-29
- sending outgoing command to the right provider

SkyWave v5.0.0.2944 Released: 2019-03-28
- fix json format for IDP outgoing command

SkyWave v5.0.0.2941 Released: 2019-03-28
- fix IDP outgoing commands
- change to right transport in terminal: IDP, DAP, ASPI_XML, DeviceCloud

SkyWave v5.0.0.2933 Released: 2019-03-26
added SIN and MIN to message RawPayload for IDP outgoing commands

SkyWave v5.0.0.2928 Released: 2019-03-25
Show error and status of commands sent to device in Terminal.

SkyWave v5.0.0.2759 Released: 2019-01-28
fix selection of Provider URL

SkyWave v5.0.0.2687 Released: 2019-01-10
- fix URL for IDP Outgoing commands

SkyWave v5.0.0.2631 Released: 2018-12-18
- added support of Outgoing commands for IDP protocol
- Fixed calling API for Inmarsat, added more info logging

SkyWave v5.0.0.2618 Released: 2018-12-17
- added Sensor1Value, Sensor2Value, Sensor3Value, Sensor4Value, BatteryVoltage to 'IDP Standard'

SkyWave v5.0.0.2601 Released: 2018-12-12
- added support of Analog01-20, Switch01-10, Text01-10 to IDP Standard device

SkyWave v5.0.0.2590 Released: 2018-12-11
- Added RawPayload input to IDP standard device

SkyWave v5.0.0.2505 Released: 2018-11-20
- added Inmarsat and Skywave providers drop down in case of IDP provider
- Added SensorX, SMXTime and SMXDistanc to SkyWave IDP Standard
- IgnitionOn fix for SkyWave IDP Standard.

SkyWave v5.0.0.2460 Released: 2018-11-15
- added MIN to SkyWave IDP Standard
- Support for SkyWave Device Cloud

SkyWave v5.0.0.2074 Released: 2018-09-03
- Fixed parsing of double values.

SkyWave v5.0.0.2057 Released: 2018-08-27
- support of modbus3 to 8 and ModbusRawData which contains raw data from all modbus variables

SkyWave v5.0.0.2023 Released: 2018-08-16
- add support of modbus1 and modbus2 for "SkyWave IDP Standard" device

SkyWave v5.0.0.1514 Released: 2018-04-11
- Added pulseCount2, pulseCount2Value inputs to IDP device

SkyWave Plugin v4.0.0.4888 Released: 2016-12-07
- Added support for SOS signal of SkyWaveIDPDeviceDefinition

SkyWave Plugin v4.0.0.4386 Released: 2016-08-01
- Added support for PulseCount1Value

SkyWave Plugin v4.0.0.4342 Released: 2016-07-15
- Added PulseCount3Value, PulseCount4Value, SOS, IgnitionOn

SkyWave Plugin v4.0.0.4258 Released: 2016-06-27
- Changed datatype of pulseCount3 and pulseCount4 to boolean

SkyWave Plugin v4.0.0.4247 Released: 2016-06-23
- Added support for pulseCount3, pulseCount4, port1EdgeDetect, port2EdgeDetect

SkyWave Plugin v4.0.0.3725 Released: 2016-01-29
- Fix DigitalInputs low and high values

SkyWave Plugin v4.0.0.2213 Released: 2015-01-15
- FEATURE: Support user defined messages for IDP as long as variables uses same name as fullReport

SkyWave Plugin v4.0.0.1682 Released: 2014-08-27
- FEATURE: Support Honeywell devices loaded with "Standard Script SCR-0304"
- FIX: Performance and stability

SkyWave Plugin v4.0.0.1661 Released: 2014-08-22
- FEATURE: Added SureLinx support

SkyWave Plugin v4.0.0.932 Released: 2014-04-17
- When EventTime field in present in the payload it will be used as the trackpoint timestamp.

SkyWave Plugin v4.0.0.908 Released: 2014-04-15
- Added Extra singals to skywave mapper

SkyWave Plugin v4.0.0.570 Released: 2014-03-03
- Added events and sinals for avl service - SIN 126.

SkyWave Plugin v4.0.0.558 Released: 2014-02-27
- FIX: AVL, remove limitation of only parsing position messages.

SkyWave Plugin v4.0.0.506 Released: 2014-02-20
- FIX: Added support for full message in SkyWave protocol. Previous version only supported receiving payload part of message.


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Re: ChangeLog: SkyWave

Wed Mar 11, 2020 6:44 pm

SkyWave v5.0.0.4021 Released: 2020-03-11

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